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I can only report on how the rounds felt in comparision to each other and today's round felt much better. There was far less scrambling and the 3 bad holes can be contibuted to 2 course management errors and one pitch off the hosel. I not sure I'm out to make the guys happy, I would expect the putts to increase when going for the center of the green vs. not and chipping it close.I do appreciate the comments.Brad
Fair enough, I'll keep this in mind next time.I do think the results show a positive improvement as I went from 1 par to 4 and from 0% GIR to 33% GIR. All the GIR's were on Par 4 or 5s.But I get what you are saying.Brad
Not sure if you are looking for unofficial feedback, but I will provide it anway. Shot two 9-hole rounds this week, one prior to reading this thread and one after. The second round I decided to go for the middle of the green on any shot outside of 80 yards (I'm a 16HC). Here are the results: Round 1 Score: 47 (1 par) FIR: 43% GIR: 0% Scramble: 11.1% Putt Avg: 1.8 3 Putts: 0 Par 3 Avg: 5 Par 4 Avg: 4.8 Par 5 Avg: 6.5 Round 2 Score: 47 (4 pars) FIR: 57% GIR:...
Cool pictures and videos! I'll be there on Sunday with my father in law, look for me on the TV, I'll be the one in the golf hat, shirt and shorts. Brad
Just my opinion, but if you can't translate it to the course then it doesn't matter how good you are on the range. I think many people play by the rule that if a Par 4 is under 400 yrds then you would be better off not hitting driver. From your description, a 280 drive leaves you 50 yards making the hole a 330 yd par 4.Next time you play the hole, if you are able, play 3 balls, one driver, one hybrid and one 5i. See which one results in a GIR, if they all do, which one...
Thanks for the feedback. In fact I was practicing that same drill that you included after taking this video. I can feel it in my left quad for sure when done right. When I swing I feel like I'm moving the hips forward but video proves me wrong. Need to work on the slide some more.Brad
6i Face On. Looks like I'm still casting a bit. Happy with Key #1. Comments?
I think I need to straighten my right leg more and slow the backswing down. Also I need to do a FO view.
I'm continuing to work on Keys 1 & 2, steady head and weight shift. Current HC is 15.8. Any comments welcome! Brad
@tristanhilton85, I'm still working on it. I have to be in Australia for business either the week of Feb 10th or the week of Feb 24th. Depending on when I go will influence this outing. Thanks for thinking of me!
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