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Yes, you are right, but it is up to the sender to take on that fee: PayPal balance or bank account Free when sending money inside the US Debit/Credit card fee 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction (the sender decides who pays this fee)  I think the original concern was Tristan would receive some payments less the fees, this shouldn't be the case. Brad
They is no service fee for person-to-person transactions. Brad
 Just for FYI, that is Memorial Day weekend. With that being said, you can pencil me in. Thanks!
I'm interested. Thanks for tagging.
 Thanks for the feedback and the video.  I think with all the backswing and transition focus, I have forgotten the turn and jump part of it.  I'll do some intentional practice to get that feel back.
 Mostly straight, slight draw, mid/high flight.
I haven't posted a swing video in a long time.  Working on right heal pressure and arm/shoulder/back turning together.   Feels pretty good, still have the tendency to get too quick on the back swing.    
 Ok, so a temporary fix would be not to tee it up on the tee box, then I can predict better the results. I do take good divots with 7-wedges, but I get your point. Thanks for the comments.
 I don't feel this is the case, I make good contact from the fairway and distances are pretty equal between tee shots and fairway shots.
 Yeah, this could be part of it, but I see the same result at times with a 3W and 4i, which don't take much divot to begin with.
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