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I just saw a Bloomberg segment on golf, this competitor product was discussed:   https://arccosgolf.com/#/   It looks the same in concept except you don't have to tag your shots, the system detects you hitting the ball.   Similar price point too, it would be interesting if you could arrange a comparison, then whichever one you don't want you can ship to me.    Brad
  Sounds like it was a great time, I wish I could have made it. So what were the final team scores, was it close?Brad
Anybody planning to watch this?  It looks interesting to me.   HBO Real Sports: The Downturn in the Golf Industry HBO Sports 2:35 mins   Host Bryant Gumbel speaks with industry leaders, including Jack Nicklaus, the most decorated golfer of all time, about the state of the sport. Real Sports debuts Tues., July 22 at 10pm ET/PT on HBO.
I was B-Fit for Bridgestone TOUR B330‑S golf balls.   1. Henrik Stenson -11 2. Kevin Chappell -9 3. Tim Clark -12
Thanks.  I called and they are sending a replacement set.   Nice customer service that Amazon has.....
 Who did you call? Thx.
 Same for me, one blue grip in a big box.  boo.  I'll probably ship it back.
For that price, I will like the color blue.   Thanks for sharing.   Brad
Adam Scott -6   Billy Horschel - 5   Nicolas Colsaerts - 4
 It doesn't happen often enough to matter IMO.   I reflected back on the 100s of rounds I have played and not once have I found myself with an unplayable in a bunker.  I have stood in near vertical sand to hit out before, which I did successfully by some miracle. I don't think it's worth the effort to petition and would rather you petition to add a rule to address a ball that comes to rest in a divot.  I would bet the average golfer experiences this more often and it would...
New Posts  All Forums: