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If you search youtube you can get a lot of examples and how-tos.   It's very easy, I can a grip in 2-3 minutes tops.   Steps:   Clamp club in vise Cut off old grip Clean tape off or not, depending on preference Retape, depending on need Pour a small amount of mineral spirits inside grip and "swish" around and empty Insert air hose into end of grip with nossle attachment Put grip on club without air gun engaged and apply foward pessure Start the air and slide...
 No, 13.2 is just the combined differential from you last two 9 hole rounds. It would go into the pool of rounds to calc the index, it is not your index unless by coincidence.
 Lihu, I think you are a point now with your swing that you should start posting your rounds.  In this last example, shooting 41/44 gives you a combined differential of 13.2, well within range of your current index. I think you should continue to practice on the range obviously, but it's time to play! Maybe put it out for a vote/poll? :)
 There is a lot of research on #41, eating breakfast is important for a variety of reasons, not just to give you energy. http://www.forbes.com/sites/alicegwalton/2013/07/23/why-is-skipping-breakfast-so-bad-for-our-heart-health/
Great clubs, recently regripped all but the GW.   Dynalite S300 stiff shafts.
I'm interested. PM sent.
 I've been following your recaps of your rounds and it seems like #14 always gives you trouble.  Off the top of my head I think you hit a tree at least twice on the left and I assume today was something similar. Given this is a short par 4 at 358yds from the blues, why not change your strategy on that hole and hit a 3W or 3H or even a 5i? It's downhill so you should get some roll out of it. I'll have to say I played there last week and the conditions were just horrendous,...
Reminder, Nov 2nd is time change, so fall back an hour, more sleep!  
I just saw a Bloomberg segment on golf, this competitor product was discussed:   https://arccosgolf.com/#/   It looks the same in concept except you don't have to tag your shots, the system detects you hitting the ball.   Similar price point too, it would be interesting if you could arrange a comparison, then whichever one you don't want you can ship to me.    Brad
  Sounds like it was a great time, I wish I could have made it. So what were the final team scores, was it close?Brad
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