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6i Face On. Looks like I'm still casting a bit. Happy with Key #1. Comments?
I think I need to straighten my right leg more and slow the backswing down. Also I need to do a FO view.
I'm continuing to work on Keys 1 & 2, steady head and weight shift. Current HC is 15.8. Any comments welcome! Brad
@tristanhilton85, I'm still working on it. I have to be in Australia for business either the week of Feb 10th or the week of Feb 24th. Depending on when I go will influence this outing. Thanks for thinking of me!
I have to suffer through an Oracle presentation, but then I get to play a round of golf here on January 29! http://www.pelicanhill.com/golf/ I know, sucks to be me.
Interested, PM sent.
Thanks for the input Mike. I'll post a updated swing video soon.Brad
That is excellent advice.Thanks!
I would say I rarely top it anymore, maybe 1 out of 20. What my misses are though are short, left, right etc of the green. This comes from not having good control in the 125-160 range as well as no consistency under 100 yrds.Also, I don't ever hit knock down shots, but rather take the full swing club for the distance at hand, I think this is a mistake I need to work on.
This is true, I have a hard time with clubhead control, so I'm never sure the ball is going to go where it should. I'm going to dedicate some time each range session to hitting fades and draws with a 7i - 9i.100% it's off the tee for me, I cannot get the driver consistent nor can I rely on the 3W or 3H. I'm going to work on hitting 5 good shots with the 3H, then my 3W, then my driver, not moving on until I reach 5 good shots.
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