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I bought one, looking forward to it.   Brad
Our third child was born on the 5th, his original due date was the 31st. Hunter Michael 6 pounds 15 oz. Now should I get him a 55g shaft or a 65g shaft.....
A UK buddy on mine sent this to me. Puts complaining about my ball being in a divot into context....
I play them and I get them used (mint) here. I have also got their "B" grade version and they are really nice quality. Free shipping if you spend more than $99.
This looks really good but the release schedule looks very limited.  I will have to wait for it to come out on one of the streaming services.   http://theshortgamemovie.com/   I'm not sure how I would feel if my 7 year old could outplay me. 
Harris English -7 John Merrick -5
I got "selected" for the 2014 Masters practice round tickets, 4 on Monday.   Is this worth going to?  I know practice rounds are less formal and maybe more intimate, but not sure how many people practice on Monday etc.   Anyone been on a Monday? Thanks! Brad
Look under groups at the top: http://thesandtrap.com/groups/
+1 for Oak Quarry
  I called GC and they are planning to overseed on Sept 29th (Sunday), so the course would be 2/3s recovered by Oct 13th.  They said it's both fairways and greens.   I hope this helps.   Brad
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