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 Who did you call? Thx.
 Same for me, one blue grip in a big box.  boo.  I'll probably ship it back.
For that price, I will like the color blue.   Thanks for sharing.   Brad
Adam Scott -6   Billy Horschel - 5   Nicolas Colsaerts - 4
 It doesn't happen often enough to matter IMO.   I reflected back on the 100s of rounds I have played and not once have I found myself with an unplayable in a bunker.  I have stood in near vertical sand to hit out before, which I did successfully by some miracle. I don't think it's worth the effort to petition and would rather you petition to add a rule to address a ball that comes to rest in a divot.  I would bet the average golfer experiences this more often and it would...
 To clarify a bit more: A person who takes an unplayable from a ball buried in the lip of a bunker is almost certainly going to end up with a better score than trying to play a ball buried in the lip of a bunker.  The point I was trying to make is a pentalty stroke should equate to 1 full stroke, not .75 of a stroke. Brad
 Well, I think you are making a case for my viewpoint.  You should not be able gain an advantage by applying the unplayable rule.  But in you example above, with the paragraph deleted, I am in fact gaining a .25 of a stroke advantage.   If I take a one stroke pentalty, I would expect a full stroke added to my baseline up and down metric. You can attribute the bad luck to a risk/reward option you executed on the hole, you chose not to aim for the middle of the green,...
 You are not applying the unplayable rule when you hit into water, so that should be excluded from this conversation.  For the bush, you are not necessarily in a hazard, just as if you hit into a tree and it stays up there.  With a bunker, you are in a hazard 100% of the time.
 +1 I'll admit, I'm a purist when it comes to the rules, and I'm not generally in favor or changes to them such as this.   When I think about the spirit of the unplayable rule and the special exception made to bunkers, I think that it was very intentional for the following reasons. 1. You cannot control the other unplayable situations beyond the 3 options, you cannot say you must drop in a similar area, it's go back in line with the hole, two clubs or rehit from your...
 I'm not following your counter arguments.   Relief means relief, I take an unplayable from a bush, I should not be in a bush.  If I take an unplayable from a ball in the lip of a bunker, I should not be in the lip of a bunker again. Unplayable means just that, I can't play it, so I take a penalty and get relief.  So again, I vote no.
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