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This is true, I have a hard time with clubhead control, so I'm never sure the ball is going to go where it should. I'm going to dedicate some time each range session to hitting fades and draws with a 7i - 9i.100% it's off the tee for me, I cannot get the driver consistent nor can I rely on the 3W or 3H. I'm going to work on hitting 5 good shots with the 3H, then my 3W, then my driver, not moving on until I reach 5 good shots.
Based on my stats (last 10 rounds), what would you recommend?   Fairways Hit: 46% GIR: 18% Scrambling: 17% Putt Avg: 1.8 Par 3 Avg: 4.1 Par 4 Avg: 5.2 Par 5 Avg: 6.0   Current HC: 15.8   I think GIR & Scrambling are lower then they should be for this HC.   I would like to get to a 12 HC by July.   Any suggestions?   Thanks,   Brad
I bought one, looking forward to it.   Brad
Our third child was born on the 5th, his original due date was the 31st. Hunter Michael 6 pounds 15 oz. Now should I get him a 55g shaft or a 65g shaft.....
A UK buddy on mine sent this to me. Puts complaining about my ball being in a divot into context....
I play them and I get them used (mint) here. I have also got their "B" grade version and they are really nice quality. Free shipping if you spend more than $99.
This looks really good but the release schedule looks very limited.  I will have to wait for it to come out on one of the streaming services.   http://theshortgamemovie.com/   I'm not sure how I would feel if my 7 year old could outplay me. 
Harris English -7 John Merrick -5
I got "selected" for the 2014 Masters practice round tickets, 4 on Monday.   Is this worth going to?  I know practice rounds are less formal and maybe more intimate, but not sure how many people practice on Monday etc.   Anyone been on a Monday? Thanks! Brad
Look under groups at the top: http://thesandtrap.com/groups/
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