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Reminder? - In other words, if someone chooses Joe Smith for their first choice - at any score - and you choose him for your second choice, you've wasted your choice.
I'm always amused by how people don't read the fine print for these contests.
Adam Scott -6 Fredrik Jacobson -4 Craig Stadler -7
Hmmm, SAP...it's good if you read German.The course was in great condition and some views were spectacular. I would never pay the rack rate to play there however. We had a forecaddie who was somewhat arrogant and not all that interested in helping the group and in fact encouraged cheating, moved balls to more favorable postitions without being asked to, etc.I did not play great, mainly off the tee issues, the story of my life.Brad
That's the day you should plan to pick it up.Brad
You have the option to have it shipped home or to GS. I choose GS as I figured I could hit on their monitors and compare against other clubs, not that I couldn't do that anyway, but a good excuse to do so.Plus, I try to limit the number of 6X6X35" boxes that get delivered to the house......
This is something TM does every so often with a new iron, they will give away a certain number of 6-irons.You just register and wait to see if you get it, no real contest per se.Brad
Anyone else get one?
Just for perspective, if you practiced 40 hours a week (equal to full time employment) you would have 2080 a year, so 10,000 hours = 4.8 years and 15,000 = 7.2 years. Mind you this rule of thumb is on "deliberate practice" which means a round of golf would not count. That would be a large amount of practice for a school age child.In my opinion, aside from work ethic, you have to have raw talent to be a pro, in any sport.
Me too.   http://thesandtrap.com/products/bridgestone-golf-2014-tour-b330-rx-golf-balls-pack-of-12/reviews/4833
New Posts  All Forums: