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This looks really good but the release schedule looks very limited.  I will have to wait for it to come out on one of the streaming services.   http://theshortgamemovie.com/   I'm not sure how I would feel if my 7 year old could outplay me. 
Harris English -7 John Merrick -5
I got "selected" for the 2014 Masters practice round tickets, 4 on Monday.   Is this worth going to?  I know practice rounds are less formal and maybe more intimate, but not sure how many people practice on Monday etc.   Anyone been on a Monday? Thanks! Brad
Look under groups at the top: http://thesandtrap.com/groups/
+1 for Oak Quarry
  I called GC and they are planning to overseed on Sept 29th (Sunday), so the course would be 2/3s recovered by Oct 13th.  They said it's both fairways and greens.   I hope this helps.   Brad
The 13th should work for me.   Brad
Here is some information on Black Gold, we would need to get them to give us a break on the rate, but it's a nice course:   http://www.blackgoldgolf.com/scorecard.html   From the championship tees, Black Gold Golf Club is a par 72 layout playing up to 6,756 yards. All golf carts are equipped with state of the art Global Positioning Yardage (GPS) System. Black Gold Golf Club features a lighted driving range, putting green and 20,000 square foot clubhouse...
I vote for Oak Quarry or Black Gold in Yorba Linda.
  Yeah, the chatter didn't bother me, better then it being all quiet with all eyes watching me.  All I was thinking was, don't hit it fat into the bunker, don't hit it thin into the drink.....   Ended up 12' from the hole, so happy with it.   Brad
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