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 You are not applying the unplayable rule when you hit into water, so that should be excluded from this conversation.  For the bush, you are not necessarily in a hazard, just as if you hit into a tree and it stays up there.  With a bunker, you are in a hazard 100% of the time.
 +1 I'll admit, I'm a purist when it comes to the rules, and I'm not generally in favor or changes to them such as this.   When I think about the spirit of the unplayable rule and the special exception made to bunkers, I think that it was very intentional for the following reasons. 1. You cannot control the other unplayable situations beyond the 3 options, you cannot say you must drop in a similar area, it's go back in line with the hole, two clubs or rehit from your...
 I'm not following your counter arguments.   Relief means relief, I take an unplayable from a bush, I should not be in a bush.  If I take an unplayable from a ball in the lip of a bunker, I should not be in the lip of a bunker again. Unplayable means just that, I can't play it, so I take a penalty and get relief.  So again, I vote no.
 Correct, in this case, that is your only option under the current rules.
 Ok, let's stop comparing these to water hazards, as those are covered under a seperate rule. A ball buried under the lip of a bunker and a ball in the bush both offer the same and equal option for relief.  Relief from the bush may or may not result in a better lie, but should allow for a clear swing.   Relief from the buried ball in the lip gives you the same relief.   I bet if surveyed, there are a lot of scratch and pro golfers who would prefer the bunker shot over...
 Although you can declare unplayable anytime (except from a water hazard), I feel the spirit of that rule is to allow relief from shots that are truly impossible like in a bush, under a rock, etc.   I hit the ball into the bunker, I should expect my next shot to be from that bunker.  If I can't take a swing at the ball, I can get relief, it just costs me a stroke, I still expect to be in the bunker as that is where I hit the ball. I get what your argument is, but I would...
 Good post, very interesting thoughts being bounced around.   To clarify, the "mud of a creek" would be a water hazard and thus the unplayable is not an option to the golfer, only the guy hitting into the brush and the bunker have the unplayable option. For the golfer in the brush, a lot of times the options B and C will result in a shot that is no better, they will still be in the dirt or blocked by trees etc, the only benefit they get is a clean swing at the ball, this...
@tristanhilton85 - I will not be able to make it this time, too many things have now been scheduled on that day and I can't get away.  Family first as they say. I appreciate the coordination efforts! Have a good time.
Reminder? - In other words, if someone chooses Joe Smith for their first choice - at any score - and you choose him for your second choice, you've wasted your choice.
I'm always amused by how people don't read the fine print for these contests.
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