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Here is Kaili and his dad Lihu on a very picturesque 8th hole.  
  Santa Anita on a Sunday on Father's Day!! How long did that round take??
So the "B" team can mentally prepare.    
  I would think so, otherwise it would impossible to determine where to put it.   I don't think this would be covered by any specific rule and the local officials would have to make a call.  If he did hit it, you could say Carl played the wrong ball, but I don't think that would be the ultimate ruling.
No penalty, see rule 14-5. Playing Moving Ball.   Not sure if he hits the other ball, but I would imagine both get placed back to nearest there original positions.
Today.  Par 4, hit the drive left and had 140 left to the pin.   Hit a soft 9 landed short of the flag and rolled in, it was really cool to hear it hit the pin and disappear from that distance away.   Of course I was by myself, but none the less, my first eagle.   Can you see the flag?   
  I love it when a plan comes together!
  BA MVMAC Mike of course!
Phil Mickelson (-4) Webb Simpson (-3) Scott Stallings (-6)
  At least!!     DOH! Now you tell me!  Maybe they will look more Red and Gold when they arrive....       Team C - We will see if there are any vanity caps in there.......
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