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Luke Donald -3 Jason Duffner -2 Adam Scott E
  24+!  :)   I have faith it will drop, but those pesky 8's keep getting in the way.
Some updated videos.  The ball striking has improved greatly thanks to feedback from Evolvr.  I'm taking a "live" lesson at the end of the month in San Diego.   7i FO     7i DTL  
  I agree, they need a bit more contrast to make them pop.  Any water on the course, the green on green makes things too monochromatic.   What happens if you put a polarizing filter on too?   Brad
  Shots I hit now are mostly draws.  Shot I hate is driver off the tee, almost always right.   Second most hated shot is out of the bunker, last round I was in the bunker 3 times, and it took me 8 total shots to get out, not good.   22.9 is out of date, sadly I'm a 24.4 now.   Since I can't get off the tee consistently I usually take doubles on 50% of the holes.  This is what I'm working on now, that and sand shots. 
BTW - This is with my new slow motion camera, any thoughts? Thanks, Brad
Yes correct, I added 2 total to the score for the hole, only 1 was considered a penalty.
Ok, I got it now.  I did not declare provisional as the ball was so far into the natural area doing so seemed pointless.  When we happened across the ball on the cart path it spawned the discussion on what would be the ruling.   We kept my original in play to assist with speed of play, agreeing no penalty, but clearly this was wrong.   My playing partner and I both try to follow all the rules, but this one was somewhat unique.     Thanks for all the feedback.
I didn't declare outright the second as provisional.  I hit it thinking my first was lost and thus re-teed a second under penalty.   The first one was found on a cart path that ran through a natural area, the natural areas of this course are marked as lateral hazard via the local rules on the scorecard.   My partner and I both agreed to the result, but we both felt we were not 100% sure how to proceed.   Thanks for the feedback, it looks like I need to add a...
Yesterday I was playing a canyon course, hit a driver short into the natural area between the tee and the fairway.  Local rules had the natural areas deemed "lateral hazards".    I hit a second drive thinking my first was lost, but when we made our way down the cart path it winded down and was perpendicular to the fairway and that is where I found my first ball.  The nearest point of relief would have been in the natural area all around me so we decided the right...
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