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1. Tiger Woods 8-under 2. Jason Day 10-under 3. Scott Piercy 6-under  
Very cool!  I use my newly acquired whip 3-4 times a week, very nice product.   Brad
It's covered in Rule 6-8d(iii):     d. Procedure When Play Resumed Play must be resumed from where it was discontinued, even if resumption occurs on a subsequent day. The player must, either before or when play is resumed, proceed as follows: (i) if the player has lifted the ball, he must, provided he was entitled to lift it under Rule 6-8c, place the original ball or a substituted ball on the spot from which the original ball was lifted. Otherwise, the...
I agree.  Disk 2 is the shortest I think but probably has the best overall summary of how to practice the 5SK correctly from a chip all the way to a full swing.  It's short enough to watch every week just to give you a refresher if you need it.   Nicely done!  The explanations of all the steps and ball flight laws are very detailed and informative.   Brad
  Ah, that makes sense.   Thanks!  
  No, the tee in the ground would represent where to put the ball each time.   Given the club would strike the ball, then the ground a few inches forward of that spot, it should remain undisturbed.
If a really good player who can control the low point takes a divot 2-3 inches in front of the ball then in theory they could place a tee in the ground and put the ball in the same place every time.  The second shot would have the club go into the previous divot and nothing would be taken from the ground.   If this is true, why does this not really happen? The professionals, who are like surgeons, seem to use up a 1 foot X 1 foot area of turf or more when they are...
Any chance these would be available for an electronic download?   In today's day and age it seems like a good way to go rather than waiting 7-10 business days.   Just a thought.   Brad
  Did you ever check the scorecard?   http://zellwoodgolf.com/Portals/Zellwood_Station/scorecard2.jpg   The forward tees are labeled "Gold SR M", so Senior Men's tees.
First off, I did search and saw a few old posts on this topic, but...   I just don't get it.  It was very hard to watch 4 days of golf with every shot being followed by some guy yelling "GET IN THE HOLE!".   It just astounds me that there were at least 54 people in attendance EVERY DAY that wanted to yell this on every shot.   - On the tee, par 5,4,3 yell it. - On the fairway, 250, 200, 100 yards out, yell it. - On the green, fried egg, chunked rough,...
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