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Today.  Par 4, hit the drive left and had 140 left to the pin.   Hit a soft 9 landed short of the flag and rolled in, it was really cool to hear it hit the pin and disappear from that distance away.   Of course I was by myself, but none the less, my first eagle.   Can you see the flag?   
  I love it when a plan comes together!
  BA MVMAC Mike of course!
Phil Mickelson (-4) Webb Simpson (-3) Scott Stallings (-6)
  At least!!     DOH! Now you tell me!  Maybe they will look more Red and Gold when they arrive....       Team C - We will see if there are any vanity caps in there.......
Those not in group "A" are in trouble now, I will have my new headcovers in time which will drop my HC at least 3-5 points right?  
My "Ju Ju" headcovers are shipping today!    
  I'm good from the blues, no need to adjust just for me.  I played the course almost exactly 1 year ago and shot a 53/52, 6 over per my HC at the time.   Hopefully I can improve on that this time!   Brad
I'm looking forward to it and getting to play with a zero handicap should be fun and educational.    What time are people planning to show up?  
  I played that course last year as a single, luckily I "paired up" with another single by the 4th hole who called it his home course.  He did tell me how to play those holes, not that my execution matched his plan....   It's a very nice course.   Brad
New Posts  All Forums: