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I've got Sean O'hair this week. Hope he gets off to a good start.  Pulling for Ricky too. Would love to see him in contention again on Sunday.
It's just my concentration level. Playing tournament or even a few bucks on the line will get my attention. If I'm just out by myself, very rarely will I play well.
I'd have to go with Graeme McDowell right now. It's early yet though.
Thanks for the welcome. Most around here are really looking forward to it. With the way Pelini recruits, we might just change that perception of the Big 10 being slow.
Don't worry about it. You will run into more guys like that in your life. Older guys that aren't very good can be a little P.O'd when a young good player shows them up. Keep playing well and when you run into guys like that in the future, just kick their backside and smile.
Thanks. I'm looking forward to a couple of trips East next year. I'll be in the stadium when OSU comes to town. Can't wait. Taylor is still a Freshman. He's not Heisman ready.........yet.
+3 or 75 at Arbor Links in Nebraska City, Ne. on Monday. Greens were rolling great and made a few putts. 2 bad doubles or it could have been very good.
Not a big deal. I'm sure the gals will enjoy as much as the boys did last years.
Sandhills in Nebraska. I know there are better one's but I can't imagine what they are like.
I like to re-read it at least once a year. It has a lot of little things that can help simplify my swing.
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