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I don't know about your college, but a lot of colleges have their own golf course and it's likely they have student rates. I know they did when I was in college. Also "municipal" courses are generally less expensive to play than privately owned courses. Additionally stay, if possible, away from courses that force players to take a riding cart - it should be a lot cheaper to walk than to take a riding cart.
I disagree; I think the moderators let some things slide that they shouldn't let slide. But it's not my forum so I don't have any real complaints. I'm not sure I'm comfortable coming to a forum that's 100% free, is probably a lot of work for the ones who own and run the forum, and then complaining and, sort of going behind the owners/runners/moderators backs to try to change things that have probably been considered by the owners/runners/moderators. Just my 2-cents worth.
According to the December 6-13, 2008 issue of Golfweek (which arrived in my mailbox 12.17.08), Mollie Frankhauser and Charlotte Mayorkas "improved their status, which opened two cards won by Choi, Wigger." I must be pretty dense because I don't see why Mollie & Charlotte "improving their status" would open up two cards. I would understand if Mollie & Charlotte improved their status to Category 11 (which appears to be the case) it might open up two cards for Category 16...
Here is a link to a review I found: click here.
Sonartec is out of business; I guess it's been several months now, maybe almost a year.
The Lions are now 0-14 after falling to the Colts 31-21 on 14-DEC. Next up - New Orleans (7-7) at Detroit (0-14) on 21-DEC.
1. Two years ago I bought a SkyCaddie SG4. For several reasons I won't go into now I became very disenchanted with this unit and with SkyCaddie customer service. 2. On 11.07.08 I bought a brand new GolfLogix GPS-8 off eBay for $234.99 (+ free shipping) with the intention of using the SkyCaddie until it dies or until I play a course that is not on my SkyCaddie or until the 20 courses that are currently loaded on the SkyCaddie stop working (and I don't know whether that...
The Hooter's incident is now long behind Long John. But, of course, the soap opera is far from over. Now there's the "smashing a spectator's camera into a tree" while shooting a 78 incident in Australia. Here's the link.
Clearly the LPGA still hasn't answered the question/s about why there was a playoff for two more Category 11 cards! It's now December 11 and here is a snippet from Hound Dog's LPGA 12/11 blog entry - the blog can be accessed by clicking here. "So if no one vacated any of the Top 20 spots, why was there a playoff among the four tied for 21st? If you want my opinion, somebody on-site at Q-School f---ed up royally."
I apologize for being so goofy, but when I see R&A I think, voila, Royal & Ancient and when I see H&B I think Hillerich & Bradsby (who makes Louisville Slugger baseball bats & used to make first line golf clubs - PowerBilt Citation among other products) Then, of course, B&H would be Bell & Howell). Great post Golfgal - I was pretty sure H&B got to four points and that the match was match-play from the git go, but I was too lazy to go back to the DVR and check it out....
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