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Im pretty sure you should not have a problem since they are 1" over standard. If they were standard length and you had them shortened 1" then they would need some weight added for swingweight purposes.
Take a look at the start of your swing. DBeane said "taking the club back shut" but in addition to that make sure the club is not traveling to the inside on the way back. A old shaft or those sticks that almost everbody has now set up on the ground behind the ball aiming at your target will help you see were that club is traveling. Clubhead traveling on the inside of the stick normally creates a right to left ball flight. Good luck with your season!
While I think Tiger is going to bounce back and Maybe get close to breaking Jacks record, I still feel Jack is the man!!
There is a couple of options you could go with 1: a brass shim or 2: a plastic shim with a ferrule attached. Take a look at Golfworks or Golfsmith. Both options are very cheap I prefer the one with the ferrule attached. One less part you need to mess with.
Lets see right now I'm a real life Cable Guy. Former Pga assistant pro. I also run a golf club repair shop out of my basement (which keeps me involved in golf).
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