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on the Uniflex shaft....I hate it!  I like a stiff shaft, not due to my swing speed, but my poor tempo.  Uniflex, I was whipping it left and right.  Stiff, at least I know where the club head is at.
Luckily for me, there are so many things to work on in my game, that when I go to the course or the range, I never think for an instant of my trials or tribulations!!!!     It really is a total escape.
ON the pressure component of playing well:   Recommend seeing NYTImes article on Charlie Beijan best round ever, when he played his second round in a stupor due to his panic attack.
Answering your question about getting better:   Write down on your scorecard what club you hit and what happened to it. Obviously, some kind of dots and stars for shorthand.   What I quickly found is that 4-9 times a round I take more than one shot into the green with a wedge. I either chunk it, overshoot, or short and have to take a 2nd shot.   Try it, you’ll find out pretty quick what you need.   As far as the topping I noticed when first started...
Yah, I rotate a lot of stuff between my Driver and 5i:  Callaway X 3w, Cleveland 4w, Titleist 21 909H, Nickent 3i Ironwood hybrid, this funky early metal 5w with a steel shaft.   Totally whimsical, 3w about 220, I hit all about the rest about the same distance (about 175-195).   That said, when I finally got my wedge gaps down, game became a lot more steady:   Mizuno JPX 50  Supposed to be more forgiving, which implies less of a shot maker.  Cast, not forged....
Re:  Gonna finally take some lessons (cheap!).  Some guys give lessons for less when it gets slow in the winter.  Wait for it.
Have to agree with Plasma327:  Fitting and buying appropriate stuff will help you enjoy the game more than anything else.  Worth the money.   When I first started, I went to the used bins, tried everything at a very low cost, probably at the total of a full bag of new stuff. I found out thru experimentation that shaft & weight is probably more important than the head manufacturer.   Since long drives are your game strength, it’s a really good place to start...
Curious as to distances with a Dr-4w-7w combo and what long iron you start at and distance?
Agree, for starting up a ball is a ball.   I think I bought a dozen ProV’s when I first started, going to my friend’s CC and I just sliced every one into the woods in that round.  Nice spin... Once you can hit the fairway, or at least not hit into the deep woods, but jsut the rough, you can start concentrating on the feel and flight of ball, and of course the check up, cause you’ve been working on your short game.
Agree.  I think it’s actually to your advantage to use the same (type) of ball for a while.  You get to know how the ball will behave, off the tee and on approach or wedge shots.  Even if you aren’t a consistent ball striker yet.
New Posts  All Forums: