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Is it cone shaped similar to an incense or does it have a flat surface like a traffic cone?
That my friend is an example of a middle aged man doing everything he can so he can still compete on some level with the young guys (mainly his son) and show them that the old mans still got it. You will know exactly what im talking about in about 25 years.
Yea....Its not uncommon to see guys like this as they get around that age and older. Sometimes they cant hit it 200yds...but its straight. They get up around the green (and they are seemingly always laying somewhere just off the front of the green) and its lights out. Especially if they are on a course they have been playing 3 times a week for 10 years.
Its called a wedge tee
  I dont know.......but if you do happen to figure out the answer you could probably sell it and make $1 billion. I think we are all trying to figure out how to make all our shots be like the good ones.
Im going to go with one major...that being The British Open. I dont really like him to win The Masters this year. There is always so much expectation on him to win at Augusta and it gives me the feeling that this is not where he will break his major drought. Think he will win one of the other majors first, then his next one will be at Augusta.
  Well I "intend" to test the surface when walking in a bunker. Perfect example....I regularly play at a course where many bunkers dont have much sand in them. If you're not careful or not paying attention, you might hit behind the ball into what is virtually hardpan with 1/2 inch of sand over it. You need to be aware of this when deciding how to play the shot. When I take my stance by the ball, im feeling just how far my feet are going down in that area. You cant have...
Dang! Those look like engagement photos or something. I dont know if it was necessary for them to take it to that level.
Heck yea it works for golf! I mean...who doesnt want a stiffer shaft in their driver. LOL..I crack myself up. 
Interesting because for me it seems like a combination of both. When considering a new club(s), there seem to be some brands that I just dont try...Ping for example. I never consider Callaway clubs either. However, I do have an old 3w that I had made from the GigaGolf site and as it turns out I hit it better than any ive ever tried.
New Posts  All Forums: