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buttoned collars
I've got an old Nike 5 wood and I love it. Its my go to club when I'm in trouble on par 5s, or have to get the ball in the fairway on short holes
As much as I like Bob Costas as a reporter, he needs to shutup
Chamblee wouldn't have dq'd himself if he was Tiger. No room to make comments like that
I prefer CBS, just because Jim Nantz is an absolute genius
Holed out for eagle on the first hole, par 4. Ball was on the side of a hill, ball below my feet, hit a gap wedge from about 120 out of the rough up the hill over the greenside bunker. Ended up going in, and I ended up shooting my best round ever.
I've tried the FJ Spdr 2 and it is awesome. It fits so nicely around your fingers, and the actual palm side of the glove is different
He's pure butter man, too smooth for anyone to be able to replicate
I'd try a Super Stroke Ultra Slim. Really makes a big difference
Yeah I would go for it. I just recently switched my grip on my Scottsdale Anser from a standard PING man cord to a Super Stroke ultra slim and am loving it so far. It really adds feel, and for me it felt like it added weight to my putter which helps
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