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must have been the r9s, ive got the kbs shaft and love them! If you get custom fit you can try all different shafts and get them on a launch monitor!
ive just ordered a 4,5,6 in an ap1! have a full set of ap2s but really struggled with the long sticks due to off centre hits so to sort this i ordered the ap1! hoping this will sort it, seemed like the perfect solution! also matched the shafts so there should be no problem
gps/ rangefinder, having the correct distance for every shot helps everyone who uses them! knowing the distance improves confidance and knowing if you hit a good shot you should be on the dancefloor!
not trying to be an arse, but you must finish the hole using the same ball you started with. You can only change your ball after the hole is finished!
a golf smith friend of mine, always calls that an operator error rarther than club error!
ive started pulling the ball left, a friend of mine says that my left arm is bending through impact and that i should be keeping it straight! what does everyone think?advice most welcome
id keep the gps, as said before they have nothing to do with cell phones! plus with gps you get yardage without clear line of sight which you need for a range finder!
i carry a standard pw for about 130 yrds, a 55 for 110, 58 for 90 to 100 and a 64 for 80 to 90! usually chip with my 58, seems to get quite a bit of check with that!
at the moment the weather sucks big time here in the uk, not played for about 4 weeks! really looking forward to getting back out there! My new course has good practice facilities but with the snow i cannot use them!
short answer, they suck, big time!
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