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I actually played with a guy not too long ago, who was so annoying, that I walked off the course after 9. It was 3 days before Thanksgiving and I was in my home town visiting my parents for the holiday. I go to the course, pay my green fee and cart fee, and get ready to go. I was chipping and putting before I teed off, and an elderly guy came up to me and asked if he could join me. He seemed nice enough, so I said, "sure." Low and behold, this was the most annoying golfer...
Euro: Luke Donald Rory McIlroy US: Dustin Johnson Tiger Woods Favorite swing to watch: Luke Donald
That hole in one in Arizona was as perfect as it gets
No, they turn into Cheetara
No, it doesn't mean nothing, it means exactly what I said. It will indeed stiffen your shaft, even if it is a "minute" amount. This being said, the OP wants to cut off an inch and a half, which in turn, would have a greater effect than a "minute" amount on the stiffness of the club.
Cutting a shaft does indeed stiffen it! Don't be fooled! Try this little experiment: 1. Get a toothpick 2. Break it in half 3. Grab one of it's halves and break it in half 4. Now grab one of it's halves and break it in half You should be seeing that the toothpick is becoming more and more difficult to break or even bend. Same theory goes for when you cut a shaft down, regardless of how much you take away from it.
Ya, the 53s are rather progressive
Wow that thing is ugly...
I guess I really didn't add as much to the thread as I should have, so here it goes: Let me begin by saying that I absolutly hate super mach speed drivers, in particular, the TM Superfast. I couldn't hit the side of a red barn, on cloudless Kansas summer morning with that thing if I wanted to. Just something about it makes it incredibly difficult for me to close the face. So her comes the new Adams Speedline. The two top things that I love about it, is that it doesn't...
Haha, Im jealous of you Florida guys!
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