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I just sent my clubs into my pro shop to get new grips put on. I ended up with Golf Pride New Decade Multi Compounds. I also liked the VDRs though. The new decades were a little tackier though. The VDRs seem to be nice grips.
I'm 16 and 6-2 155. My average drives this year are between 240-255. I'm getting fitted for a new driver at a demo day this weekend that will hopefully bring my launch angle down and allow me to get some more roll.
i just replaced my nike sq2 3 wood yesterday with the r11. The r11 is a monster. 
My advice would be to test every club you can. Don't limit yourself to two options. As for the stiffness, you would have to get your swing speed measured. This will be the easiest way to determine what type of shafts you need. You mentioned the Callaway X22's. They are nice clubs. My brother has them and i like them a lot. You should still hit every set you can. Good luck.
Hey guys, I need some help. I'v been playing golf for about 2 years now. I am down to a 12ish handicap. My ball striking is pretty good, but my misses are fat or left. I hit behind the ball and lose distance once and a while. The other thing i am working on is taking a divot, which i currently don't.   I noticed in the video that i take the club to far side ways on the backswing and that my backswing is very long. I can't feel either one of these things and cannot...
I love my Golf Buddy. I have the World (just came out) and my dad has the World Platinum. They are both great. The touch screen is nice and it is very accurate. If you don't care about keeping score on it, i would suggest the world. It is the exact same as the world platinum, minus the score keeping. It is $100 less too. Every course i play on is already on it too.  Good Luck
This has happened to me before too. I am only 16, so obviously a little younger than the guys in their 20's. I consistently shoot in the mid to low 80's right now. No one ever says anything to me when i'm with my dad or any older guys that i play with. The most memorable time was last summer. My 13 year old brother and i went to play by ourselves. We played the front nine with no problem. When we were about to tee up on 10, 2 guys and their kids come from the clubhouse....
The diablo edges make it easier to hit the ball long and straight. It is also very easy to get the ball into the air. I love mine, just wish you could work the ball a little more,
My little brother has it and he loves his. I practiced with it until i got my nike method. The ghost has a very soft feel and rolls the ball nicely. It is rather light compared to other blade putters i have tried. That is the only thing i didnt like about it. I would try the nike method 001 if you can. It is my favorite by far. 
It was 73 in PA today. I shot an 83. Not too bad for my first time out.
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