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Heard a good story relating to this that happened on the Old Course many years ago.   Apparently the waiting on the closing holes was getting longer and longer, eventually a group arrived on a tee (don't know which one) to find a backlog of other groups.   Turns out that a Japanese four ball had lost all their balls between them, bar one!   They were supposedly hitting this ball, marking it and then running back for their partner to hit it!!!   Don't know...
Ditto for me!    
Could be your thumb is pointing straight down on the grip (putting pressure on it), rather than just resting slightly to the left of it!
Guess you wouldn't use an "honesty box" then?  
When I used to be a greenkeeper and we'd do our morning sweep of the course, sometimes you'd come across discarded cigars that had burnt out and would leave a mark on the grass. The worst ones would be when it had rained overnight and they disintegrated leaving a nice little mess of tobacco to clean up. Cool!!!
My very first game here in Cyprus. I'd gone out late on a Saturday afternoon, on my own in a buggy.   I come up short on a par 3 and walk over to the right side of the hole to play a chip.   I look up and sliding towards my buggy is a black snake! This thing goes up the side of the windscreen, along the top and slides down the other side heading for the hills. I'm standing looking around to see if I can share this with someone but the course is dead. I think I...
Thanks for the updates!
Hope this helps!  
Your posture does look a little bit cramped. Stick your backside out a bit more so your back is straighter .   This should help get your weight balanced more over the ball.    
Definitely helped me in the past when I've been on a "regime." As well as the physical aspects, mentally I'd feel fresher coming down the stretch. My shoulder turn is more athletic meaning more distance!!
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