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Not to be rude...but as a 25 handicap player, it's your swing path..You must be swinging on an outside to inside path.  The 3wood is one of the most difficult clubs to hit...it will expose all swing flaws.   Here's a quick suggestion/reminder.  You still need to hit down on a 3-wood.  Especially off the deck!  Don't be afraid to take a divot with that club!  Obviously nothing like an iron, but even the pros have a neg attack angle into a 3wood (especially off the...
That's surprising that the PX shaft felt "whippy" with an active kick point given that it's heavier and stiffer than your current shaft.    Those two heads are very different too...Swingweight could have been better suited to your swing?   I do agree with you though...I hate stiff shafts that have a "dead" feeling to them.
I haven't hit them...but have handled them.  To be perfectly honest...they are nearly identical to the 712's...nearly all of the 714's are super similar to the 712's.   As for the CB's in particular...they are a slight cavity backed blade.  Not much has or will change in this type of club.  They are awesome clubs...
I sharped my wedges at least once or twice per season.  I touch up my irons once a year as well.  The difference is remarkable.   Get yourself one of those tools and keep your grooves sharp.  Believe me...it's easy to maintain sharp grooves more frequently than to sharpen very dull & ragged grooves every two or three years.
I struggle with this too. I happen to have the same standard ball flight...and struggle with hitting a controlled fade. You must be a decent player if you are hitting consistent draws! So my advice would be twofold. First, work on fading the ball on the range. What I do is hit a standard draw then try to hit a fade...alternate back and forth...don't just pound out 50 fades in a row. This will help you on the course....where you don't hit fades regularly. Part of...
Not worth it...very little changed between the 910 and 913.
I just replaced my 3-iron with a 910h 19 deg hybrid.  So far I love it.  Let's face it...even if you are a good long iron player...hitting 3-irons out of varied lies is not easy.  I think the hybrid plays easier out of the rough and off a tee.  I do not hit the ball particularly high...so controlling the roll on a 3-iron isn't easy.  The hybrid definitely lands a bit softer.   Off a tee I'm getting something like 225yds and off the ground somewhere around 215-220.   I...
I like choking down and swinging normally. A good agressive move through the ball will produce a similar flight and spin as a normal shot. Taking a longer club and swinging easier just produces a flatter flight with less spin. This means less control.
Totally depends on your current swing path and ball flight.
Sorry, man...sold them a week or two ago.
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