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Mine came. Looks nice. Hope to read it soon.
A few years ago I played Magnolia in Orlando. 2 weeks later I watched the pros play the same course. Very cool and a real eye opener to see  pros play the same course.
I bet my handicap would instantly drop from a 26 to a 25 with clubs that expensive.
I also am having trouble getting under 100 on a consistent basis. I have come to realize, that for me, it's all about the short game.  I've been working on that lately.
I need a new bag. I never walk, but do carry my bag to and from the range and I want to get a lightweight cart bag. I came across the MG golf web site using Google. I never heard of them before (MG golf, not Google).   Does anyone have any experience with this bag or the company they'd like to share?   Thanks.
I have played Doonbeg several times and stayed at the Hotel there. It is an excellent facility, World Class in every respect. I'm glad Trump is saving it. It would be a terrible shame for it to disappear. I just hope he maintains the local flavor that helps make it so much fun.   Anyone who is fortunate enough to have the opportunity should play there.   (I don't much care for the new name, though).
I hate cord grips. I have always used tour wraps and have been satisfied. Comfortable and god grip.
Perspective-   A guy I used to know is a better than scratch golfer. He had excellent equipment. He decided to get a "super fitting" and new equipment someplace in Florida. I asked him what kind of improvement in his handicap he expected. He said about a 1/2 stroke. I commented that it was a pretty big expense for such a small gain.   He said at his level, 1/2 a stroke is huge.   I would expect at my level, new equipment would perhaps shave a few strokes off my...
I usually wear variable lenses, but had a pair of distance vision only glasses for golf made. The variable makes it tough to watch the ball. I   had my golf glasses treated with the transition coating so I can use the same ones sunny and cloudy days.
Thanks to all for the replies. Good thing it's winter, it'll give me some time to digest it all!
New Posts  All Forums: