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Thanks for the replies. I have been thinking about getting a rangefinder to supplement the GPS app in my phone.  One of the things I was hoping was to use to make my decision was how helpful it would be for dialing in my club distances.     I think I'm going to go ahead and get one, as the other advantages seem substantial enough and it seems likely I'll be able to measure my club lengths at least to some reasonable number using the laser.   Thanks all.
I want to measure my different iron yardages. Is it possible to reasonably use a laser rangefinder to measure how far away a cluster of 10 or so balls is on a range? I assume the actual balls are too small to measure, but what about getting a reading from the ground where the cluster is?   Any other tips on how to do this is appreciated.  The distance markers at my range are not very accurate.   Thank you.
I'll be visiting my brother in West Palm Beach in a few weeks.  I'm thinking about getting a new driver. Which shop(s) would be good to try out and pick a new one?   Mine driver is pretty old, and I think I'd benefit from a basic fitting to find out a few simple things like the right loft and shaft flex for my swing.   FYI-I'm an old, slow swinging, HIGH handicapper.   Thanks!
That is all...
Mine came. Looks nice. Hope to read it soon.
A few years ago I played Magnolia in Orlando. 2 weeks later I watched the pros play the same course. Very cool and a real eye opener to see  pros play the same course.
I bet my handicap would instantly drop from a 26 to a 25 with clubs that expensive.
I also am having trouble getting under 100 on a consistent basis. I have come to realize, that for me, it's all about the short game.  I've been working on that lately.
I need a new bag. I never walk, but do carry my bag to and from the range and I want to get a lightweight cart bag. I came across the MG golf web site using Google. I never heard of them before (MG golf, not Google).   Does anyone have any experience with this bag or the company they'd like to share?   Thanks.
I have played Doonbeg several times and stayed at the Hotel there. It is an excellent facility, World Class in every respect. I'm glad Trump is saving it. It would be a terrible shame for it to disappear. I just hope he maintains the local flavor that helps make it so much fun.   Anyone who is fortunate enough to have the opportunity should play there.   (I don't much care for the new name, though).
New Posts  All Forums: