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I want to work on improving my chipping. I'm looking to improve my score by reducing 3-putts. This is happening because I'm typically very far from the pin once on the green.   I have taken lessons, read a bunch of stuff on the web, and read a couple of books.  It seems like I've come across 2 main schools of thought. The first is to almost always use the same club, typically a pitching wedge, and practice using that club for different distances. The more you use it, the...
Of course I was just foolin' around. I couldn't resist. 
If you head to the south of Ireland, play Doonbeg.  I played 3 rounds there a couple of years back. It was excellent.   Designed by Greg Norman. Top 100 in the world.   Here is the signature par 3 14th hole. (I'm an awful golfer an it was my only par!). The photo doesn't do it justice.     More info:  http://www.doonbeglodge.com/golf-ireland.html
Thanks to the OP! I really appreciate this thread. I would have never thought to clean my clubs with things like soapy water, brushes, cloths, and the like. I have a question, though. Should I rub the dirt off, or is there a better technique?   Does anyone have a link to a video so I can see how to do this? I'm still a bit uncertain.   Thanks!
I play when it's that cold. For me, it has to be a windless day. The wind really makes things uncomfortable at those temps.   And it's a different kind of golf, for sure...
When it's really cold (30s or less) I wear and underarmour base layer then a long sleeve golf shirt. Over that I wear my Footjoy merino wool performance seweater. I have a lined pullover I wear over that.   I wear ski socks and a ski base layer over heavy corduroy pants. Also a wool ski cap and a fleece ski "gator" for my neck.   Keeps me warm into the 30s.
After thinking this over a bit, I've decided to renew my subscription for 3 years at $100.   I certainly don't like Skycaddie's business practices, but since I'm already into it for $300.00, another $100 over 3 years ($33 per year) makes more sense than starting over with another $300 investment. The Skycaddies go for about 40.00on ebay, so not much value in selling it.   When the subscription expires in 3 years I suspect there will be more options, or at least I've...
While the driving distance between balls may be minimal, I find that I hit low spin balls straighter. This equates to a much longer "functional" driving distance. Slices really rob distance.
This is big part of my thinking. I despise their business practice, especially deleting courses that I downloaded while I was paid up. I play in more than 1 state, so I'd need the more expensive subscription. I will look at some of the rangefinders. That might be a good option. Thanks all.
Thanks for the replies. I appreciate the perspective of more experienced players.   I am not too bad at keeping up, and I certainly don't whine. But, it can be hard to keep up when you need 2-3 more strokes than your playing partners on a hole.   I usually have a couple of blow up holes per round, and often just pick up the ball and move on.
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