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I'm looking at new bags, and see that there are many types of tops and dividers. I can't decide which is best.   I'd like to get a top that allows me to keep my clubs organized and make it easy to spot a missing club. My bag now has several dividers and is highest in the center, and the clubs are just all over the place. A real mess finding the right club quickly and seeing if I accidentally left one behind.   The bags with the top angled down fro back to front look...
 I also got mine as transition lenses. They darken in sunlight, and are clear when it's overcast. They work well.
I give my cousin Rocco a call...
Interesting timing to this thread.   Last week one of my playing partners "sharted" and soiled his pants. I was absolutely astonished when one of the other guys in my foursome pulled an extra pair of clean briefs out of his golf bag and handed them to him. He said he always carries a spare pair for emergencies.   I'm not sure which was stranger, a guy carrying extra briefs in his golf bag, or another guy wearing someone else's underwear.   This was a real eye opener...
I played the Duo my last 2 rounds. It flies straight and far, and for me was decent around the greens. I think it's similar to the Bridgestone E6. IMO, really good ball for the price.
I never clean my clubs, but the guys at the course clean them off with a wet towel before taking them off the cart after each round.   Maybe I should start cleaning them myself more.   How much difference does it really make if your clubs are super-clean as compared to wiped off once in a while?
 What I was going to suggest.
Thanks for the replies.   To answer WUTiger, the reason I didn't join the other threads is because I'm a lazy, self centered ass...Actually, I did look but didn't do a good enough search and missed most of them.  Thanks for the links.
Thanks to all for the suggestions.
I have trouble hitting the 3 off the deck, but do like my 5 wood.I am thinking about switching to a 4 fairway wood instead of 3 and 5 as previously discussed here a while back.    Has anyone changed to that strategy? Have you stayed with it, or switched back?   Can you recommend a game improvement 4 wood you're happy with? I like my Ping G-15 driver, so would look at the Pings, and am also interested in the Rocketballz clubs. Any suggestions are appreciated.   Thanks...
New Posts  All Forums: