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The seams of my Ogio separated while it was still pretty new. I fixed it, but I'll be looking at a different brand for my next bag.
About 4 years ago, my wife bought me a Skycaddie SG5. The subscription ran out last year. Tonight I had some time and was playing with it, and discovered it is unusable. Even the courses I previously downloaded are not accessible on it. In order to continue using it, I need to pay for a new subscription, they start at around $50.00 and go to about $120.00.   There's so much free or cheaper GPS stuff available now, I'm wondering if it's worth it. On the other hand, it...
Do you think there is a minimum handicap a player should have before feeling comfortable playing at any course?   As a high handicapper, I often feel intimidated about playing an unknown course, especially if I'm travelling. I'm afraid of being paired up with better golfers and playing poorly, making the game uncomfortable for them, and generally embarrassing myself. I try to keep the pace up, but overall, it can really be an uncomfortable situation.   Do you think...
Yes.  Thanks! :-)
I play when it's cold during the winter.   My usual dress is an underarmour base layer, followed by a coldgear long sleeve golf shirt. Then a Footjoy performance sweater or heavy fleece. My current outer layer is a pullover lined windbreaker.   I'd like a better outer layer and would appreciate suggestions.   Thanks.
I use the E6 a lot and like it. I've recently also tried the Wilson Duo, and even though it's very inexpensive, it's performance is very similar to the E6.   I've also used the Q-Star, but like these 2 better.   All are available in yellow.
A mid-handicapper I play with has his name on his bag. It was a gift that was given to him.   If you want your name embroidered on your bag, do it. If someone judges you for it, their opinion is probably not worth getting concerned over. 
Thanks to all for the suggestions.  Appreciated very much.
He's going to take lessons also. I would like to give him a book as a gift.
I want to buy my son a gift- an instructional golf book. He is a rank beginner. Any suggestions?   Thanks.
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