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A mid-handicapper I play with has his name on his bag. It was a gift that was given to him.   If you want your name embroidered on your bag, do it. If someone judges you for it, their opinion is probably not worth getting concerned over. 
Thanks to all for the suggestions.  Appreciated very much.
He's going to take lessons also. I would like to give him a book as a gift.
I want to buy my son a gift- an instructional golf book. He is a rank beginner. Any suggestions?   Thanks.
Paragraphs please.
I've been playing for 2 seasons. I'm definitely striking the ball better than when I started, but my handicap remains around a 28 and hasn't really changed.  I lose tremendous numbers of strokes due to a bad short game that's not improving as well as suboptimal course management.   I've recently become very frustrated that my h-cap is unchanged over 2 years despite lessons, semi-regular play and practice. It's gotten to the point where I often think about quitting and...
Thanks for the replies.
I'm neither big, nor tall, but wish you luck in your new endeavor. 
I'm looking at new bags, and see that there are many types of tops and dividers. I can't decide which is best.   I'd like to get a top that allows me to keep my clubs organized and make it easy to spot a missing club. My bag now has several dividers and is highest in the center, and the clubs are just all over the place. A real mess finding the right club quickly and seeing if I accidentally left one behind.   The bags with the top angled down fro back to front look...
 I also got mine as transition lenses. They darken in sunlight, and are clear when it's overcast. They work well.
New Posts  All Forums: