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 What I was going to suggest.
Thanks for the replies.   To answer WUTiger, the reason I didn't join the other threads is because I'm a lazy, self centered ass...Actually, I did look but didn't do a good enough search and missed most of them.  Thanks for the links.
Thanks to all for the suggestions.
I have trouble hitting the 3 off the deck, but do like my 5 wood.I am thinking about switching to a 4 fairway wood instead of 3 and 5 as previously discussed here a while back.    Has anyone changed to that strategy? Have you stayed with it, or switched back?   Can you recommend a game improvement 4 wood you're happy with? I like my Ping G-15 driver, so would look at the Pings, and am also interested in the Rocketballz clubs. Any suggestions are appreciated.   Thanks...
I am thinking about doing a 1 or 2 day commuter golf school while staying with some friends in the Orlando, FL area.   Does anyone know of or have any recommendations of golf schools I might consider?   Thanks!
Which will go further, a well struck blade or an equally well struck game improvement iron?
If you slice, the Bridgestone E6 will help straighten it and keep some of those drives in play.
Thanks for the replies. It looks like I carry about the same stuff as most everyone else.
I had a personal best a few weeks ago...  I love this game.   2 days later I played the same course and shot one of my worst scores in quite a while... I hate this game.   3 Days after that, back to my typical score... I guess this game is OK.   I hope your next couple of rounds go better than mine did.
Cut a broomstick to a couple of inches longer than your driver, cut an X in a  tennis ball and put it on top- instant stiff arm for less than $5.00, and possibly free if you have the stuff already.
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