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I have average sized hands and recently switched to midsized grips. I do have some stiffness in my hands. I don't think they helped much. I may have even lost a bit of control. I'm probably going to switch back to standard sized when I redo them.
My bag is a mess. I have plastic bags with tees, gloves, markers, sharpies, etc. I have random balls in 1 pocket, I have suntan and bug spray in another, I have a rain suit and hat in another.   Whenever I get to the course I'm rummaging around trying to find everything.   I'd like ideas for keeping the stuff other than my clubs organized and ready to go, and like to know what you think I really need to bring with me in the bag.   Thanks.
I was wondering if new clubs would help me.   I am playing Callaway Diablo Edge irons, a Ping G10 driver (and old Adams 3 and 5 woods). I bought the driver and irons about 3-4 years ago after a pro analyzed my swing at a golf clinic. I didn't try any other brands, and they are stock clubs, not specifically fitted to me. I like them, and they seem to be forgiving. Since I was a rank beginner, he felt off the shelf clubs would be fine, and for whatever reason he...
I had a G5 and switched to a G10, then a G15. I like the G15 much better. It is more forgiving, helps reduce my slice and gives a good ball flight.   I bought the standard shaft.   I'd recommend buying a used G15 instead of reshafting the G5. The G25 is out, and a you should be able to find a used a G15 for a good price.
Thanks for all the replies. I'm going to pony up for a membership..
If so, why. If not, why not.   I'm trying to decide if I should join.
+1 But I cut an X in the tennis ball and slipped it over the end of the broomstick.
Thanks again to all. The weather has been terrible and I haven't played in a few weeks, but I'll consider all the above next time out.
Buckeye and bubble were especially helpful...
Thanks for the suggestions. I think I've been hitting down on these clubs, but perhaps I've not, subconsciously. I'll pay more attention and see what happens, although our weather has turned bad and I'll be "golfless" for at least a week or 2.   Thanks to all.
New Posts  All Forums: