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+1 But I cut an X in the tennis ball and slipped it over the end of the broomstick.
Thanks again to all. The weather has been terrible and I haven't played in a few weeks, but I'll consider all the above next time out.
Buckeye and bubble were especially helpful...
Thanks for the suggestions. I think I've been hitting down on these clubs, but perhaps I've not, subconsciously. I'll pay more attention and see what happens, although our weather has turned bad and I'll be "golfless" for at least a week or 2.   Thanks to all.
A guy in my foursome hit a hole in one to win a car at a benefit golf tournament we were playing in. That was cool to see.
A few years ago I began playing recreational golf and bought Callaway Diablo Edge irons. The pro shop recommended that I get 4 and 5 hybrids instead of true irons. I never had hit hybrids before but had read they were forgiving and bought them. I have never been able to hit them well. I seem to top them all the time. I occasionally hit them off the tee and then can make good contact. I've tried to change my stance, ball position, etc., without success.   I'm playing...
I have the 5 wood and like it a lot. Super easy to hit.
I also am a fan of the E6 for reducing sidespin.
Thanks for the replies.
Do most people fit a regular or a cadet style glove. Which hand shape is more common? Which do you use?
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