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I've been contemplating changing out my 3 and 5 wood for a 4 wood as is the current trend. But, there are some holes the driver is too much off the tee and I use a 3 wood.   How much real life difference in distance can I expect using the 4 instead of the 3? I know the articles say that the 4 is as long or longer, but I think that's calculated from launch monitor data and pro golfers. What can a high handicap recreational golfer expect?   Thanks.
I like the Bridgestone E6 at it's price point also, and it's pretty cheap. Another option in the Nike PD Soft. It's a good ball for the money and can be found for around $16.00 per dozen or less. A great beginner ball.
I started playing golf on my own a couple of years ago so I could get good enough to play with a group of friends who mostly had handicaps around 15. I eventually got to the point where my handicap was under 36 and I decided to start playing with them. I always followed the rules to determine my handicap, no mulligans, no improving lie or position, etc.   The first time I played with these guys, I could tell they were better than me, but not 20 strokes. I then...
We play COD (carts opposite drivers). It's a good game for a foursome of friends since the teams change every 6 holes, and everyone gets a chance to play with everyone else. We usually play for just a buck per 6 hole match and handicap it. It keeps it competitive.   Occasionally a match is decided before 6 holes, so we play $1.00 skins for the extra holes.     COD (Carts Others Drivers)- description: This game involves rotating your partner every six...
Thanks for the replies. I'm going to ask Santa for some  Q Stars.
Love my G15 driver. 10.5 with stock regular shaft.
I have been playing the E6 lately and like how straight and long it is, but it is really poor at checking up on the greens for me. It seems to just roll forever, even with lofted iron shots. I otherwise really like the ball. I'd like to give a different ball a try. I need to reduce side spin, so ProV1s and the like are too spinny for me at my level right now. I think the Srixon Q star is a good candidate to try. Any other thoughts? I'd like the same price range as the E6...
I had a good experience at Grand Cypress golf academy.
Played Bridgestone E6s this week. Really liked them. Long and straight. Didn't hold the greens too well, but I usually play for a roll. I'll be using these for a while.
Following up on my other thread, I'm not happy with my current outer layer, which is  a V-neck Champion pullover. It's good for fall, but won't be for winter. I'm looking to get a better layer and would appreciate suggestions.   I Have heard good things about Mizuno, UA and Footjoy.   What's you favorite outer layer item?   Thanks.
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