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Thanks for the replies- Here's what I tried so far-   I live in NJ and am planning to play into the 40s, but doubt 30s.  I played the other day in about 50 degree weather wearing a long sleeve t-shirt, a medium weight fleece covered by a Champion flannel lined pullover. I used a knit ski hat and rain golf gloves (all I had), and was warm, but felt a bit restricted. I used plain pants and my legs were fine, but if it gets colder, I'll put a layer on under the pants...
I'm playing cold weather golf for the first time this year. I have switched to a softer ball that I keep warm in my pocket, but was wondering what other tips people may have.   I'm especially interested in what you wear to keep warm and still not be too restrictive so you have enough flexibility to play. It also seems like layers are a good idea...what do you wear on each layer?   Thanks in advance.
I bought these for my son. They seem like a great beginner set for a reasonable price-    http://www.amazon.com/Adams-Golf-11-Piece-Complete-Graphite/dp/B008VTK9D0/ref=sr_1_20?ie=UTF8&qid=1349993389&sr=8-20&keywords=adams+golf+club+sets
I just wanted to thank you for coming here, answering the questions and giving us insight into the show. Very cool.   Good luck in your future ventures.
That's excellent. Although my driver is a G15, my 5 metal is a Cobra, and I really like it. Good luck with the Amp!
I have access to a deserted beach during the winter months. I was thinking about practicing sand shots on the beach. You can find different types of sand depending on how far from the water you go. Hard wet to soft and fluffy.    I thought birdie balls would keep them from going too far on mishits. What do you think of this idea?
I love my Ping G15. Easy to hit and forgiving. You'd also be fine if you can find a G10. It's very close to the G15, and I'm sure cheaper.
Thanks for all the replies. I feel better already, and am looking forward to the round.
Golf is way more than a handicap index, no less the score of a few rounds.   I try to play for enjoyment and the challenge of improving. It can be equally frustrating for high handicappers, just the numbers are different. When we blow up a round, the scores are more like 120.  Forget the numbers and just play the best you can on each and every shot. That's the real challenge.
I'll be in Orlando next month for a meeting. A friend has made a tee time for us at Magnolia. He and the others in our foursome are  better golfers than me, they play between a 5 and 12.  As a relative newcomer to golf, I'm probably a 28 or so on a good day (no official handicap).    I'm a bit intimidated by the thought of playing this course because I understand it's long and has a lot of long carries, and I'm a short hitter. I can also be very inconsistent. I...
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