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I'm glad you added that last option, I very rarely drink alcohol either. I do remember the last time though, a bloody mary at Lakeridge golf course in Reno, the day after Thanksgiving around 1990 or so. The reason I remember isn't the drink, it's because it was the first time I had ever played with snow on the ground.
cool! what part of the Bay Area are you in? I guess I should have added that to the original post so we could determine a good place to play. I'm in the north bay, Sonoma to be exact.
just curious if anyone has tried it? http://birdieball.com/ it looks like it might be a pretty decent addition for practicing at a local park or even in your own yard. I've used wiffle balls in the past but they don't fly too true after a few feet. This company also has putting greens that look pretty decent also. Oops, probably another thread that should have been in the gear forum
Just curious to how many are here? It might be kind of fun to do a get together on a golf course sometime in the future. I used to put on a couple of golf outings each year up in Reno, stayed at the Peppermill and played both Saturday and Sunday at a different course. It doesn't have to be something like that, could be just a 1 day deal somewhere in between where everyone lives, max 2 hour drive maybe.....any interest?
I had the same strain somewhere around 1985 or so at the driving range......thought I was having a heart attack it hurt so bad. Here it is 2010 and it still pops up every once in awhile doing different things, not just golf, but no where near as intense as it was the first time. What helped me and I'm by no means an advocate of taking meds but 1 advil 30 minutes before playing and 1 after 9 seemed to help keep the muscles relaxed. Now that I'm 53, I'm feeling all...
sounds like you might be pressing yourself to hit the long ball when you get out on the course. In all honesty, you don't even need the driver to score well and it sounds like it's getting you into more trouble than it's worth right now. I learned a heck of a lesson years ago by a guy who had been overseas for a few years and hadn't played golf while away. When he got there, he had a 7 iron, a wedge and a putter and he proceeded to shoot 76 on a 6300 yd course. If...
Ok, I haven't been around golf much the past few years so this Skycaddie thing is new to me. When out on the course the other day, it seemed most everyone has one of those little critters. I'm familiar with GPS units with mapping, do the Skycaddies work the same? Do you have to download the difference courses? or do some of the courses have transmitters? damn I hate sounding dumb I even noticed the course I played didn't have the 150 yd markers that I was used to...
1. Play a couple of times a month 2. find a ball I like since the ball I used to play is no longer made 3. get back down to a solid single digit index 4. maybe join another traveling club. I'd rather play different courses than the same one all the time.
I really didn't have any goals in 2010 and to be honest, I didn't have any plans to even play golf. As it turns out, I was invited to play in a 4 man scramble so I dusted off the clubs and bag (literally) and played. I can't complain the way I hit the ball or the way I putted, sunk 3 for birdie and we finished 11 under. A week ago Sunday, I went and played my first full round since May 2001 and shot 85 so I can't complain about that either. What's funny is the people I...
lots of good info above. Have you tried different ball positions with the driver? With it being 5" longer the timing of your release might be different than with the shorter club especially with the stiff shaft. It's also possible that the kick point of the shaft could be too high or low for your swing. Sorry to add another wrench or 2 to think about.
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