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Two words.... Catherine. Bach. (Warning - if you Google "Catherine Bach General Lee", many of the image results are NSFW!)
Good catch.  With the majority of the scene that dark and the lightning so bright, it's doubtful that a camera would have the dynamic range to properly expose both.
 Make that two of us.  I'm not a fan of him at all, but this incident doesn't color my appreciation (or lack thereof) either way.  Actually, I was hoping he'd tell all the whiners to pound sand and leave it the way it is.
I guess it's relevant in about the same way that it's not fair to a high school quarterback that he doesn't have five full-grown, 330 pound professional linemen to block/protect for him like Aaron Rodgers does.  Or that high school football leagues don't have the luxury of instant replay challenges like the NFL does. That is to say, it's totally irrelevant.    High school football players don't play against NFL teams, and amateur golfers don't play against PGA Tour Pros.
I have just about zero interest in movies and watch very few TV shows.  Just about the only thing I watch on TV is sports, and without cable or satellite that would pretty much be a no-go.  I went to DirecTV only because they have the NFL package, which is about 80-90% of my annual TV watching.  I don't like paying the premium for it, but they pretty much don't leave you a choice - it's either that or watch whatever games the network channels are contracted to show, which...
You summed it up a lot more succinctly than I did!
For me it's purely psychological.  I know the outcome has already been decided, so it doesn't have the same impact when I watch it later.  The drama and tension just isn't there for me and I can't enjoy it as if I was watching it live. One of my golf buddies DVRs the games and if we happen to be playing on Sunday, he tells us right from the start that if we're going to check scores, don't say anything about it where he can hear it. 
Pretty much affirms exactly what I said in the second sentence of my post. Boo hoo.  I grew up rich and privileged, was raised as a gentle soul, was naturally talented at a game where I could have made millions and couldn't handle it.  I created a "baller" image, but couldn't deal with a big, mean poopy-head calling me names.  Cry me a river. @saevel25, I know what bullying is.  I grew up in an era where it was ignored, if not outright condoned, and I endured plenty of it...
And this is the internet after all, where everybody drives the ball at least 280!
Agreed on the bold, although I couldn't make as strong an argument as to whether he's a top 5 to ever play the game.  Top 10?  I'd say we're getting closer there.  But during the era we're discussing here (and the entirety of it), I don't see anybody else who comes close to Phil for that "next best" title.  He was never dominant, but he sure hung around the top of a lot of leaderboards.
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