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I turn in everything I find on the course.  Regardless of the value, I would never consider keeping anything that's not mine - it's just not in my makeup.  Besides, I'd like to hope that maybe the karma will pay me back someday.  On the courses I play most often, it's been my experience that golfers are very conscientious about either tracking you down on the course or turning in lost items at the pro shop.  A friend of mine has a headcover that doesn't stay on well, and...
IMO, it's a largely personal thing (as is the case with putters in general).  My Ping Scottsdale makes a pronounced "Ping!" sound (appropriately enough) when striking the ball.  I like the sound; others who have tried my putter had mixed feelings about it.  I also have a TM Corza Ghost which emits a much more muted 'clunk' - it never bothered me, but I like the sound of the Ping better.  Probably not coincidentally, I putt better with the Ping.   I liken it to the...
Scott Stallings' meltdown on 15 was absolutely painful to watch.  Boo was striking the ball well and upheld his reputation as a great iron player.  I think the thing I enjoyed most was listening to Feherty's post-round interview of Weekley - two great accents going back and forth!  
I bought a 64-degree wedge and it's now relegated to the spare club pile in the garage.  With a full swing I could hit it 45-50 yards - If I hit it on the sweet spot, which was a rare occurrence.  Far more likely was that I either skulled it and ended up with a 90-yard line drive, or fatted it and ended up with a 3-yard blooper.  Pretty much the same deal for pitching/chipping - you have to put a fairly hard swing behind it to get it to go anywhere, and the results were...
I look at them just as an opportunity to contribute to a charity, drink beer, have fun with friends playing a game loosely resembling golf and maybe win some nifty raffle prizes (my haul from various charity scrambles has included a golf bag, a pair of Vokey wedges, a TM R11s driver and a weekend casino/golf vacation).  I never expect to win them because I usually play with the same group of guys and: a) we aren't that good, and b) we're not willing to cheat.
This is something I've always been curious about, and it's a 100% honest question:  In America, the current 'nom du jour' is "African-American".  What terminology do other countries use?  For example, do Canadians use "African-Canadian"?  How about the European countries?  "African-British"? "African-Spanish"?  I'm not familiar with the conventions elsewhere and am honestly curious about it.
I'm using the SS Slim 3.0 and found that my distance control actually improved with it compared to a standard-size putter grip.  Seems backwards that a fatter grip would improve feel, but it worked for me.
  I'm in the same boat with both of the above.  I'm 6'6" and while using a standard (34"-35") putter doesn't bother me during a round, it kills my back when practicing.  I bought a belly putter and tried it, but didn't see any real advantage to the anchored stroke - but I did cut it down to 39" and I now use it as a conventional putter, which allows me a much more upright (and comfortable) stance.   The anchored stroke seemed to be a slight help on very short putts, but I...
Great thread about pitching by iacas here, complete with videos: http://thesandtrap.com/t/39411/quickie-pitching-video  
Then again, "downright moronic" pretty much sums up the whole Sergio vs. Tiger thing.  They both need to grow up and act like professionals.  The media is feeding off it and blowing it way out of proportion, but a "no comment" response by both of them when prodded by the media would shut the whole thing down.  You can't maintain a fire if there's no fuel.   As to the OP, "Channeling Fuzzy" was the first thing I thought when I initially read the comment too.
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