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 Top 64 in the Official World Golf Rankings qualify.  He's seeded #115, so he's not in the OWGR top 64.
A couple weeks ago I hit my second shot on a par 5, trying to cut the corner on a dogleg hole.  The right side is lined with a few tall junipers and I saw my shot heading right towards one of them.  When we got up to the area where my ball should have landed, it was nowhere to be found.  We looked all over the place, any possible direction it could have fallen/kicked from the tree.  As a last resort, I grabbed the trunk of the juniper and shook it hard.  My ball fell out...
Assuming an open fairway with good roll-out conditions and no bunkers/hazards to get over, his best bet would probably be a long/exaggerated putting stroke with a 3W or 5W.  With the right fairway conditions, he should be able to advance the ball a lot more than a hundred yards with that shot.  The loft of the FW basically turns it into a very long bump and run.  Not pretty, but relatively safe. As far as the forced carries, it will probably be a matter of luck as much as...
5+ years.  Although I went though several garage sale/starter/knockoff sets in the past, the irons I have now are the first set I was ever fitted for.  I've had them for 5+ years and don't foresee replacing them anytime soon.  I'm comfortable with them, confident in the technology, and fully aware that the problems in my game now have everything to do with my swing and nothing to do with the clubs.
I voted 2-4 years.  Played a TM Burner from 2008-2010, sold it to a friend when I bought the Ping K15.  Have played the K15 from 2010 until this month, when I bought a Ping G30 SFTec.  I also occasionally rotated a TM R11s in and out of my bag with the K15, but ultimately shelved it because I hit the K15 better/more consistently.  I don't count the R11 as a "replacement" because I didn't buy it and really had no intention of replacing my driver - I won it in a raffle at a...
They make Lithium CR2s:  http://www.amazon.com/Duracell-Ultra-Lithium-Battery-DL-CR2/dp/B0035HB7V6
Those Lithium CR123 batteries have an amazingly long shelf life.  Toss a spare or two in your golf bag, they'll still be good to go when your current battery dies. 
A couple of summers ago, we teed off at 11:00 am on a lovely July day in Parker, AZ when the temperature was 119 degrees (and climbing).  It hit around 123 by the time we finished.  I was nearly blacking out after my tee shots on the back nine.  Also played a weekly 9-hole summer league last year in which we teed off at 4:00 pm.  During most of July and August, it was somewhere between 110-115 degrees at tee time every week. I'll gladly play in the heat, but I guess I'll...
In a zippered side pocket on the golf bag, ringer muted (unless I forget, which I occasionally do).  I'm retired, so don't have to worry about work trying to contact me, and my friends can wait until I'm done playing golf.
 Agreed.  Even the thread title gave me a creepy feeling. 
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