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I played a 64 degree for a while, rarely pulled it out of the bag.  I could hit it 40-50 yards at most with a full swing, but the more usual result was that I'd skull it and hit it 120-130 yards.  I don't like full swing wedges on approach shots, would rather hit partial shots.  If I have a shot that requires a high lob/pitch to clear a bunker or whatever, my 58 does the trick.  I carry PW (45), UW (50), SW (54) and LW (58).   OTOH, a friend of mine tried my 64 and loved...
She probably figures she'll twist the knife in Jason for a while before she comments either way.  :)
 Lol.  Priceless!  Well, at least his clothing line wasn't made by drug dealers, criminals and rapists - because according to him, all the drug dealers, criminals and rapists from Mexico are in the U.S.! 
If you had to wait 15 minutes for the tee to clear, there were other groups directly ahead of you and you weren't out of position on the course, you were under no obligation to let them through.  They'd just get caught behind the groups ahead anyway.  Quite frankly, I would have told them to go to hell when they demanded to see your receipt too, and at that point I would have told them to go cry to the marshal/starter if they had a problem with how things were going.  It...
Maybe there's a correlation there with his sudden turnaround.   It worked for him the last time, right up to that....unfortunate....incident with the Cadillac and a 9-iron.
My wife and I have our things that we enjoy doing together, but we also have our things that we do apart from each other, and we're both 100% okay with that.  She has absolutely no interest in golf whatsoever and I'm fine with that (just as she's fine with the fact that I have no interest in going to watch 'chick flicks' with her).  I don't push it, don't even try to encourage her to give it a try.  I took her out on my home course once just so she could see it, and she...
And I'm not sure which option scares me more - The Donald or Hillary. 
...and that Phil Mickelson was gambling and insider trading with his money!
Last I read, Mickelson was cleared of wrongdoing in the insider trading accusations.  Is there new evidence which says otherwise?
Sounds like he finally got his glutes to activate, anyway.            [ETA:] As to the original story, I'm somewhere between belief and doubting it.  Belief because it fits his character and past history; disbelief because a) it wouldn't be the smartest thing in the word for him to do, and b) The National Enquirer is about the least reliable source one could possibly come up with.  Their next big story could have him and Amanda hanging out with Elvis Presley and...
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