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I don't get why he layed up before Watson even putted for birdie.     The chances of hitting the green from 230 is much higher than putting the ball in the cup from 70 in my opinion. So what if you put it in the drink, at least you took the shot.
Golfshot without a doubt.        Seems to be a bit better battery wise on Android (rocking the Droid Incredible over here) but shot distance tracking (wish it could record that), detailed scoring with sandies, scramble saves, putts and fairway % is truly an awesome device. And then having the scorecard emailed to your right after you leave the course is so awesome. I'd rather have it than a stand alone device.
Probably my 3 wood off the deck. Really need to learn how to hit that thing....I have 0 confidence in it.
http://www.intellicast.com/Travel/Weather/Snow/Cover.aspx   Looks like you need to go to another state.
Wild Turkey   course rating of 74.8 and slope rating of 131.
I've been getting that motion down (with half swings in my house) slowly but surely. It has alot to do with keeping the left arm straight at the top where as in the video it collapses at the top. The elbow out may show that I played baseball for 16 years I'd think.
I definitely need to shorten the back swing (which i believe will happen when I keep my elbow in) but I wouldn't call that overswinging. just poor mechanics as EverythingGolf said in his post (2nd picture). For the record, I am quite consistent with my irons though. 
What teal? 
Was looking at this the other day, definitely seems simple and effective enough.     The wrist cupping is probably cause I'm nursing a right thumb injury. My grip has always been strong but never quite on that level. I was a bit appalled when I saw that on video. In terms of over swinging, I don't think so. According to the Mizzy shaft optimizer I swing my irons about 88-90 mph which is about 80% of my driver so I guess that's about right. And hip slide, absolutely....
Recorded some videos at the store today. The driver didn't really come out too great so I only got this of me with a 9 iron. Slow mo of both angles is at the end.    About me:   Age: 20 Handicap: 14.8 Driver swing speed: 112-115 mph Been playing since I was about 15 (with a crappy Wilson box set until this summer) and this past summer I just started getting serious about my game. Whenever I played I used to be high 90's/low 100's but my iron play was always...
New Posts  All Forums: