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If you can't hit 4/8 of your irons why not go out and trade in your iron set for a nice hybrid combo set?   The Adams A7OS or Idea Tech V3 would be perfect.
Hey, I'm what I'd consider a long hitter (140 would be my 9, yes) but I'll trade my scores for yours anyday.     If it works, don't worry about it. Possibly get in a little better shape with a little more muscle and swing a bit faster. Other than that, enjoy your great scores.
How would black clash with black? The dividers are black. If anything 2.0's will look awesome in that bag.
I can hit my hybrid longer off the deck than I can my 3 wood. Probably off the tee too. It's odd.
X forged might be the easiest club ever to paintfill. Classic one won't be tough (except in the backside of the face where its tight) either so go have a ball.
I'm considering getting a higher lofted hybrid to accompany my 19* black super hybrid. I really need to learn how to hit the 3 wood off the deck and make it more useful.
There's no doubt it my mind I'm going to excel in tournament play. I can't wait til I start my 'tour' this spring.     I strive off competition. I've only lost one match where betting was involved and that was a fluke 
Might be a slight risk but I'm willing to bet the blacks are about to get the same treatment as the reds. They'll probably be priced around $20 within a month or two. Now finding them once they drop to that price is gonna be a skill.
I stand corrected.
A4's aren't really GI like the clubs he mentioned above are. They're basically player cavities. I don't think a 20 hcp should go anywhere near them.
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