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If you're already getting fitted don't worry about our opinions.     The 2.0's WILL be longer than the CB2's and AP1's I guarantee that.
Just get a hunting range finder for $100. It won't have pin seeking but it'll find your yardages just fine and will save you $200.
This thread depresses me.       My best shot on the simulator was a 310 yard drive. Woo.
Yep averages of 10 shots for each shaft. I was thinking that too. My face angle at impact was 2* lower with the new shaft. I mean, I'll take 294 avg any day but it could be more. I recently injured my thumb so my swing isn't quite back to normal yet. Possibly closing the face at impact too much.
If you have a nice consistent putting stroke, confidence and some clue about reading greens you're golden.       I miss practicing on real greens and not carpets. Sigh.
Which wedges and putter?     Vokeys took 3 minutes each at most.
It's called a Tour Striker and it's a great tool to help you really get forward lean at impact.      Unlike most trainers, there's no way to fake hitting the Tour Striker. When you miss, you look like its the first time you swung a club.
  No need to like stamping. If you mess up, everything is re-doable since acetone takes everything out clean.   Toothbrush and a ton of acetone works wonders.   I like acrylic especially for wedges and irons. If you need help with the Scotty translucent look, pm me. It's a task and a half.
Nike Sasquatch bags are around $100 at Golf Galaxy's now and have 14 dividers.   Other than that the Sun Mountain Four 5 is awesome (which is also branded with a Titleist logo if you play those clubs ....same price roughly)
Let me just say, I went with this shaft after doing some research and using the Maltby playability factor for shafts. I wasn't completely satisfied with my stock shaft in my R9 (too high spin shaft for me) I went with the Arthur Extreme Engineering XCaliber +6 shaft which is just $50 retail.    Here come some scary numbers: Handicap: 14.8 Average swing speed: 112-116 Aldila RE AX 60 Stiff:  Launch angle: 12.6* Spin rate: 4922 rpm Avg Carry: 261 yds Avg...
New Posts  All Forums: