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I hope the bitch that called this is goes to work tomorrow, makes a mistake, someone calls it in and he gets laid off without pay for a week.     Who does that? I assume a 20 handicapper who has his fair share of foot wedge shots over the course of his round and is bitter that he never could figure out how to hit the ball straight.
Love em.     Can't wait to get em.
Post your swing.     You definitely want to swing down but not punch like. 
Make no mistake, some simulators are dead on awesome but trackman is that much better. It's the same technology you see on the PGA tour and almost every OEM uses it when testing products.
For the record LM's>Simulators every single day of the week.     I trust Trackman over any simulator ever. Those are 100% spot on.
Those were Tour Issued and tour customized clubs.   The number on the side almost never correlates with the actual number for tour players. They get each club tuned to their exact specifications. But obviously they're not gonna put 11 on the side of a driver when that's not available to the retail public so they go with 10.5 which is.   QC wouldn't let a driver much more than +/- .5* off out of the factory.
<3 my Cleveland      
My how much would I love this tournament. 
Kaymer should be #1 no question about it.
Golf rangefinders are the biggest rip offs in the world.     Go get a hunting range finder for $90 and keep the $150 for other stuff.
New Posts  All Forums: