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It's the end of the season, manufacturers aren't sending out their new clothing lines just yet. Give it a month or two and they'll be stocked to the ceiling with new gear.
  The side spin thing is certainly on different simulators more than others. Full swing's technology is absolutely spot on. I've seen people put a ball that would probably be 3 fairways over on a FS sim. Now these type of simulators on the other hand:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUCoBKrWs0Y&feature=player_embedded   It's impossible not to hit it straight.     I was watching a buddy who has always had a HUGE slice put em 280 dead center on this thing and I was quite...
YES YES YES YES     Get fitted for EVERY SINGLE CLUB. It's more important now as a beginner than ever. Alot of stores do the fitting on the house if you buy the irons through them. Ping, Taylormade, Titleist, Mizuno all have great fitting systems. (well at least the shaft optimizer by Mizuno is awesome)
Iron fittings are free at GG when you buy your irons there so take advantage of that.     You don't need full cavities if you're shooting in the mid 80's. Look at the Nike Vr Pro Combos. Awesome awesome sticks.
Dynamic Gold S300's or Project X 5.5.
Those look pretty bad ass.     I approve.
Best bang for your buck shafts by far are the Arthus Xtreme Engineering Xcalibur shafts. The 6+ would be perfect for you.
Getting proud of this bag now....added a Scotty and Adams Idea Black Super Hybrid. Here are some full pics...I did the Scotty paintfill myself...let me know how you like it Full bag pic: With grips (Will eventually be red/white cap grip driver, all irons with black/white cap, and wedges red/white cap....in time) V steel 3 wood, R9 460, Adams Idea Black Super 19* Hybrid Vokeys with red paintfill Nike Vr Splits...
I fell off my chair during #6 when he got the 40 and was chugging and shooting.     hilarious.
Took on Pinehurst #2 on a simulator. Shot an 86.   In terms of play, I was on fire with the driver. I'd say I played around that since I might've lost 1 or 2 strokes due to putting (6 ft and in is a gimme) and gained 1 or 2 back from chips.
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