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Went after my Scotty. I'd rather do 100 Vokeys than another Scotty to be honest. They're just a bitch in every way. Especially using 2 different colors. The front looks like so:         The pictures don't really show the transparency, but I think it looks pretty solid. Maybe a good 7/10 effort. Still gotta do the back O O O's. Wish me luck.
There was a 909F2 3w at my local GG that I wish I picked up. It was only $90 and it was basically brand new.
    Holy crap that's awesome. I thought I was lucky to get an Adams Pro Black hybrid and a Scotty for $150.   How are you liking it so far?
Low handicappers play whatever works. I've seen scratch golfers with everything from an old $20 Ping Anser they found in the used bin to a $350 byron. But you won't find any mid handicapper using that, they need top of the line (9 times out of 10)   I prefer my $70 Cleveland classic to my $299 Scotty.
Driver 3 Wood  19* hy  4-9 Pw Aw Sw Gw     Rarely do I find a gap I can't fill. My drive is almost always 280+ and even long par 5's I've given myself a shot with my hybrid.
Most simulators take about 30-45 minutes for a round. It's not too tough to play quick when you have the exact distances to the pin, no walking and no waiting lol     I'm more of a fan of Full Swing's simulators...but they're also double the price of these.
Wow. If they really were that frail I would've went up to him and took my ball back no problem.     He takes a swing at me? I'd be waiting in the clubhouse with the police.
Paint the bottom lines that were normally white, black and the 9 white and that'll be a sexy driver.
I'm always afraid of that happening. What kind of simulators do you guys have?
At the store I work at we're playing a winter championship on the simulators.   Played my preliminary round today at Pinehurst #2 and shot an 86 (lost probably 2-3 strokes on chips...man its hard) Onto the round of 16 next.     Held me off a little but made me want to get on a real course alot more...sooo..8/10 at this point.
New Posts  All Forums: