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A Datrek Wave cart bag, a whole slew of Puma golf stuff (shoes, pullover, Fowler hat, 3 polos, shorts), Nike Vapor balls, white Nike belt, Titleist hat.     Not a bad mix of stuff.
Love my Premio grips. 
Love it.     It's funny. I did enjoy trying to pick out which drivers were there too. Also this is the only time I've ever seen the commercial so my opinion on it being overplayed is invalid.
The picture of me is at least 12% I'd say. And you're right, at that point I just felt skinny and weak. I love the progress I've made bulking lately.
Should be common sense, but it isn't. Who wouldn't want to be playing the RIGHT club that you use EVERY hole? Everyone right? Nope. Driver fitting? Of course (and you maybe use it 10-13x a round), irons, yep. But never the putter.     Funny you'll see a ton of high and mid cappers playing Scottys and the low cappers playing whatever works best. I like the method alot, don't like the price tag. If I see one end up in the used bin I'll grab it up.
I have a pair of Nike Dri Fit's I got from the Nike Outlet for $25.     They're quite a bit lighter than other pants and are pretty breathable. 
Traded in my Adams Idea Tech A4 and Odyssey White Hot #1 for a Scotty Newport 2 and an Adams Idea Pro Black 19*. And got last year's Bridgestone B330 for $20/dozen.     Mmmmmmmm.
I could make a flow chart for this question pretty easily actually.   Do you like black or white?   Do you want to adjust the loft of your driver without changing the face angle?   Do you get confused with alot of changing parts?     Answer key:       [[SPOILER]]
Got my Newport 2 used from GG for $130. Looks basically brand new too.
Driver, 3w, 19* hybrid, 4-9, pw, aw, sw, gw.     If by niblick you mean a chipper, that is the most obsolete club currently in production by far. I'd much rather have a wedge over a 42* putter.
New Posts  All Forums: