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My go to club is the 8 iron when its just on the fringe.
Look at the Adams Idea Tech V3. It's a hybrid iron set so every club is easy to hit. Seriously every beginner should at least try them out. Super forgiveable irons.    Most importantly get fitted for ALL your clubs. Every single one. Putter included. It'll pay off, quick. Array iron shots won't be nearly as bad, your putts will be more consistent and you'll have a driver that will keep the ball in play.
I left my 60* on the 18th hole earlier this fall...called the course to ask if they had it and they did. Scariest and most relieved moments of my life when I realized I lost it.
Now that's some solid mass dude, good job all around.     My biggest weakness (by far) is my obliques. They're non existent.
Link is downnnnnnnnnnn
4.   48.06 deg Vokey bent to 47 (old PW was 47) 52.08 deg Vokey (most disposable of my wedges, but I have no reason to replace it with any other club tbh) 56.08 deg Vokey (Money out of the sand) 60.04 deg Vokey (my baby. First vokey I ever got and I trust it with every shot)     yes I like vokey wedges.
Just trying to help. I was commenting on the link, not your post. I can tell you understand the fundamentals of losing weight from your posts, absolutely.    We better get those before and after photos too. They're always fun to see:     First picture...about a month into my cut 196 lbs, May 25th (ugh)     And July 7th sitting at 183 lbs  
Ha. Gonna be picky here. 1 lb of muscle=1 lb of fat, but yes muscle is absolutely more dense than fat.
A few of the OP's link's theories are just wives tales.   1. Weighing yourself daily.   DO NOT DO THIS. Body weight fluxuates too much. What are you gonna do one morning after you had a good workout and your diet was perfect and you gained half a pound? Give up? Don't do it. Weigh yourself ONCE A WEEK. I chose saturday mornings pre-breakfast so it was nice and uniform.   2. Eating after dinner.   I almost always have a shake or a few nuts post dinner....
Go to a Nike outlet store.     last year's fashion which is the same thing as this year's basically for half off. Just got 2 $25 polos, a $20 pair of shorts and a $25 pair of pants.
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