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Or pay one time fee of $30 for the best GPS app, GolfGPS and be done with it.
Then no it won't hurt your game if you can't work the ball.
Nope. Almost every bag nowadays has a strap or cords that can hold the stand mechanism back when its in a cart. Nike's bags do this exceptionally well.
Hopefully the rumor of improved durability is true.   Ironic all it took was 2-3 Vokey shots to rip the ProV to shreds.
Stands for High Intensity Interval Training. Basically extreme interval training where you're going at an interval of time for 100% of your effort in a sprint either running, swimming or biking and then going back to a walk or jog in between intervals. I could barely walk away the first time I did it. Also never do it on a treadmill, you can't get to your full sprint on there. Bikes are great though.   Nope, just went 100% for 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off for 16...
How much for me to send you one of my own to do this to it?
What it sounds like (since your core and back was beak) is that you were missing a few key compound lifts that really keep you in shape. Deadlifts do WONDERS for your back and core. It's the one lift that absolutely destroys me. Lifting (and heavy) will help you look bigger and more aesthetic (imo). Right now mid bulk am I agile/fast? Nope not one bit. Doubt I could run 5 miles at the moment. By June will I be? You bet.   Almost every day from March-May I do HIIT (as...
Alot of time I end up deciding at the course if me and my partner want to walk so I'd like a bag to be decent on the cart as well.     And 99% of bags are at least serviceable on the cart. 
Holy crap. 1000+ in the big 3 is awesome. Definitely jealous of your height though...can't hurt.     I'm at 5'11" 210 lbs 16% body fat right now....bulking til March then cutting.   Bench- 195 lbs Deadlift- 315 lbs Squat- 315 lbs   I've only been lifting seriously for about 8 months. I started at 5'11", 220 lbs and probably up around 25% body fat. It's kinda disgusting how weak I was before I started lifting...could only bench around 90 starting out. Wasn't happy about...
Almost all my courses I play have rather high slopes and I don't have a 'home course' persay. I have a series of about 5-6 courses I play 5 or so times a year then a bunch of randoms. So I'm kind of built for a new course.   If the slope is nice and low and it's a flat course, I'm confident to shoot in the mid 80's. First time I played Crystal Springs (128 slope) I shot 94 and felt good about it. 
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