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I did notice the mis-spelling and also seen a picture of a Ping iron with Ping spelled backwards on it.  I have to believe that these are fakes or a site that just takes your credit card info. 
While surfing the web for Titleist AP1 irons with graphite shafts I stumbled upon a store called "golfonlinewholesale.com". They offer these irons for $349.00 with free shipping.  Has anyone ever bought from here before. It sounds too good to be true.  Thanks
I set it to  C4.  At the stock setting I was ending up on the far left side of the fairway because of a fairly good draw, then switched to D4 which brought it back some but eventually ended up at C4. I now have a very small amount of draw and with a little aim to the right I am center of the fairway now. I also gained a whole lot of more yardage. I'm guessing somewhere between 30-40 yards. I don't get too excited about new products and all of the hype that comes along...
Hi folks,   just wanting to comment on my experience with my new driver. I got to pick out my birthday gift from my wife so I decided I needed a new driver.  I picked the Titleist 910 D2 in 9.5* with an Aldila RIP stiff shaft.  I got to use it yesterday without getting to go to the range first.  My first two shots on the stock settings made me think that the club was nothing special,  then I changed the setting for the next tee,  a little better. Changed it once more...
I just wondered if practicing hitting down on the ball and taking a divot would be a waste of time practicing on a turf type matt. I don't want to waste time and effort and possibly ruin some clubs if this is not worth the time and effort. I set up a hitting spot in my garage for practice this winter and was just thinking about this. Thanks in advance.
Mis-spelling miss hit really tells the truth. Mi shit.
[ EDIT: If you've never been stung by a mishit 2i blade in 26 degrees with no glove, then you just haven't lived!![/QUOTE] the 3 iron I miss hit really stung, all the way up to my shoulder.
I had thought of buying a used set of x forged from Callaway figuring that it would make me be a little more precise in ball striking. On the other hand I should take advantage of the forgiveness that the x-24 offers. Just always in pursuit of a better game I suppose.
You are definitely dedicated to the game. I admire that. I would probably do the same but all of the local driving ranges are closed. Good luck with the grip change. I have a baseball style grip. I've tried to change it but just cannot get comfortable with other styles. How do you like the X forged irons? I bought a 3 iron to try figuring the others would be easier if the 3 iron was good but to tell you the truth, it's painful when I mishit. Nice results when I do...
The night that you guys got all of that snow we missed it. It was just visible in the air and never accumulated. But it is now. lol
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