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I shot a hideous 87 today. I think I had too many swing thoughts going on after my club fitting/lesson on Thursday. I hit very, very few good shots, but a timely birdie helped out the wallet a little bit. This is only my fourth round this year, so a few more rounds and practice sessions should have me back under 80 regularly in a few weeks.
Augusta National Pine Valley Pebble Beach Cypress Point
I am new to the boards also daschae, so welcome aboard, and we'll figure this thing out together! The first thing I think of when I see Germantown, TN is the excellent amateur Tim Jackson. Have you ever played with or against him by chance?
I have a ZR jacket and bucket hat which I love, but I lost the pants a while back and need to replace them. I'll likely go the Foot-Joy route for the pants and pick up a Foot-Joy short sleeve top.
I don't know all the details, but this site has listings of golf courses for sale or up for auction: Hilda Allen Real Estate I know this because the golf course I live at (I'm a member at a different club) was up for auction through this site recently, but was pulled off before it came up to bid. It's a good place to dig around a bit, but certainly doesn't have all the details you are looking for.
I started playing when I was seven, which puts me about 26 years into this addiction. My mom taught me the game, which she picked up from her brother when she was growing up (dad didn't play until his 50's). I played all four years in high school, but not good enough or serious enough to play in college. But, while I was in college, I was working at a golf course and decided to become an assistant pro, which I did for about four years. Even met my wife at the last club...
I just wanted to take a second to introduce myself after forgetting for such a long time to join this forum. My name is Brad Dowdy, and I am a baseball blogging buddy of The Sand Trap's Tom G., who turned me on to this site. I am a former assistant golf pro, spending about four years in the business in the mid-1990's. My handicap index was as low as 1.0 at that time, but I'm now up more in the 4-5 range. My time at the course has been sporadic over the past several...
New Posts  All Forums: