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 glass half empty kind of guy? yeah if he wants to he can, he has a goal and hes going for it. f him for having goals
i bet people told tommy 2 gloves to be realistic when he was fixing water heaters
dont worry about it..... you did too, very quickly  
 good advice dick
why does anybody do anything during their swing? cause it feels right.......i do it to create a little extra lag.... my swing has changed a bit since the video its a little smoother now
all carry   Stage 2 285  3 wood 17* 260  3h 19* 245  4h 230  5i 200 6i 190 7i 180 8i 170 9i 160 pw 150 52* 128 56* 115 60* 90
    I've been Playing Golf for:​ 3 years My current handicap index or average score is:78 My typical ball flight is:getting higher The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: push right      Videos:
THANKS FOR THE REPLYs , i was able to talk to the course manager and he is going to create a package for a membership that is going to include a range pass..... there is no right answer to this question except for i need both, my absolute favorite thing to do is bang a couple buckets of balls on the range with my headphones in but if i go to the range too much then i pick up some bad habbits and ruin my swing from time to time. so haveing a membership package that would...
just this past year i got to a 6 handicap, i want to play alot of golf but i want to hit alot of wedge shots without tearing up the course 
this summer i vow to do nothing but improve my game to a new level, my only question is what would be better to get a range pass or a membership to my course i play at most? just looking for some outside impute 
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