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pratice pratice pratice   learn to hit the wedges you have   i carry a 60 but only use it for when i short side my self or the pin is in the front of the green 8 paces or less
I collect mine from the course i have about 200 pro v's TM Nke   most of the balls have only been played a couple times
i would hit a strong 3w if i could find one in left handed    
read the book fat to skinny or go to their web site fattoskinny.com
played in one scranble where the winning score was 49   second was 50
the tour striker would greatly help my son   hes in 7th grade and is wanting to play on his high school golf team   and the tour striker would help tremendously   BTW hes left handed
less money in your pocket      
lets see dec 31st   being in AZ has its perks
when i was playing in austrila the driving range didnt have range balls you had to hit your own and pick them up  
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