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like I said I don't really want to join the AF. You take the ASVAB and they choose the field. You have no idea how long you'll be working or what you'll be doing. I can't join anyway.... I'm positive I rather get a degree and work in a office.
  That's why I chose golf. I know I'm talented but I'm having some serious doubt.  When your hitting balls couple hrs a day for couple yrs it's no longer enjoyable. it sucks when your not where you want to be. only military I would join is air force and I already looked into it a year ago. I can't join and to be honest I don't wanna join.   I know couple network admin who tells me they don't usually do anything unless the network goes down or they have project to do....
If he thinks I'm a troll he should have not replied to my thread. I don't understand ppl who post things but doesn't contribute to anything.
why are you spamming my thread?
It was bad idea to not have a back up plan while trying to turn pro. Now I'm stressing the $#$% out cause my game is still isn't close to where it is. Getting close to 30.... :( dropped out of school ages ago and I need to have a career. I'm not very smart or hard working person but someone told me that IT or computers don't do a lot of work. They work for maybe 2hrs and web browse rest of the day. I need something like this! I can't handle stress because it triggers...
That's why I'm single and feeling lonely every single day.  SIGH.... I really wish I had a backup plan. Now i"m too old to go back to school.   What happend to his old wife? did he get a divorce and get a gf?
thanks! how do I set up a wedge to use the angle grinder? what kind of wheel should I buy?
I really want to grind some wedges! HELP
only power tools I have is power drill. I would love to do it myself but I don't have any tools to work with.
called golf shop. They charge more than the club to grind. Anyway I can grind for free or super super cheap?
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