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I get blister on my fingers and my feet from walking.
why would you play if you feel tired? I don't have any fun if I'm playing sleepy. 
I ride 3times a year. Rode a cart today :)   anyway do you guys return the key or leave the key inside the cart when your done. It seems like everyone leave the key inside after they're done.
I guess my goal is to be a douche ;)
I don't see anything wrong with that since he's not forcing these girls to date him. These girls want to date him so enough said. If I ever have a daughter I would be very protective over her.
So dating someone younger means sleazebag? I'm pretty jealous of the guy, in his 50s and getting more girls than I am. He's living the dream, dating young hot girls while playing golf. Most guys would kill to have his lifestyle.
plays 50+ events? so I'm guessing your friend is over 50+? How does he have so many gfs at that age. I'm in my 20s and have hard time meeting girls.
I get distracted when I have food. Even simple as banana I lose my concentration. I just don't understand how people can switch on and off with golf.   I always walk. I eat FULL right before I leave my house. I'm usually hungry by the 6th hole lol. I have done it but I was losing so much focus on golf. The golf bag you move around and stopping every minute to hit the shot. Eating while riding a cart makes sense. Store food in the cart and eat while your buddies hit but...
I only drink water and nothing else. How come everyone have a snack while playing golf? I can't be the only one.
I wasn't talking about high school. You know those local tournament you pay $150 for. Why enter if you can't win to collect the prize. Sounds like a waste to me
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