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do you win prizes in these tournament? I mean what's the point of playing if you can't earn any price.  
is it a swing issue or normal?
weak. I think my balls are leaking cause my shaft is weak.  
I say 2hrs is overkill. For me it would take less than 30minutes to warm up.
Besides my putter I'm using all the wrong flex on my shaft. Is there a huge difference in my game?
Spikless shoes have come a long way.
Can I ask what you do for living? You can PM if you want. I'm trying to become pro like you but without any backup plan or a job. Golf without school, work or any back up plan is extremely stressful. Some days when I shoot in the 80s I feel like giving up, not have any talent to make it. Even when I hit bucket after bucket I just lose confidence in myself. Don't give up man! Most pros have been playing over 13+yrs before turning pro. Even if you turn pro in 10yrs it'll...
I gave up after the 9th. Did it again today. sometimes I feel like I have no talent
Just started round and you make tripple boogy, double, tripple, boogy. You feel tired and not having any fun. Do you quit or finish round no matter how crappy you feel?
sometimes when I putt the ball goes little left or right not because of the green but because of the spin. I also know there are like different strokes how you can lag the putt or hit it firm.
New Posts  All Forums: