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I get distracted when I have food. Even simple as banana I lose my concentration. I just don't understand how people can switch on and off with golf.   I always walk. I eat FULL right before I leave my house. I'm usually hungry by the 6th hole lol. I have done it but I was losing so much focus on golf. The golf bag you move around and stopping every minute to hit the shot. Eating while riding a cart makes sense. Store food in the cart and eat while your buddies hit but...
I only drink water and nothing else. How come everyone have a snack while playing golf? I can't be the only one.
I wasn't talking about high school. You know those local tournament you pay $150 for. Why enter if you can't win to collect the prize. Sounds like a waste to me
do you win prizes in these tournament? I mean what's the point of playing if you can't earn any price.  
is it a swing issue or normal?
weak. I think my balls are leaking cause my shaft is weak.  
I say 2hrs is overkill. For me it would take less than 30minutes to warm up.
Besides my putter I'm using all the wrong flex on my shaft. Is there a huge difference in my game?
Spikless shoes have come a long way.
Can I ask what you do for living? You can PM if you want. I'm trying to become pro like you but without any backup plan or a job. Golf without school, work or any back up plan is extremely stressful. Some days when I shoot in the 80s I feel like giving up, not have any talent to make it. Even when I hit bucket after bucket I just lose confidence in myself. Don't give up man! Most pros have been playing over 13+yrs before turning pro. Even if you turn pro in 10yrs it'll...
New Posts  All Forums: