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Wow...sounds like you have been "converted", "saved", given "new life" by the good news of The Sandtrap.   It is amazing, though, the quality of instruction available here.    Just paid for 2 hours of lessons - $$$ - and everything he said, I found here. Sigh.   Of course, the slo-motion camera analysis was worth the $$$ because what we feel is not real. And, what I thought I needed to work on, was not the issue.    Enjoy!    Tell your friends!
Just get the 54 and have it bent to a 53 - will take about 4 minutes at any golf store or pro shop.    Mizzunos are forged so they are soft and easy to bend. Others are cast - can be bent, but one never knows if they will crack.   Seriously, this is an easy call. Get the one you want, have it adjusted, and enjoy it!    Then, your wife will know that you are not one club short...hope you have enough balls.
No. No. No.   Premium balls spin more...which, if not hit correctly will hurt your game - cause you to go right and left - when you aren't trying to.   A great mid-range ball is the Top-Flite Gamer.  Seriously...I shot a one under par with one as the club pro tossed me a sleeve on the way out and asked me to tell him what I thought of them!     However, the Mojos are in the same category.    The Hex Chrome + are for a 100 mph swing, right?  And are pretty pricey?...
It has been way too long since I replaced my wedges. Was playing Cleveland cg14's for years and years...with the groove change, I figured they still had more bite than what is now "conforming". Boy, was I wrong!   I was unable to find a 52, 56, and 60, but got the latter two and have had the joy of hitting these wedges. Talk about bounce and stop!  Too be clear, I have only spun a few balls back in my life - when the green was tilted toward me and dry and short! However,...
Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Minnesota, Florida, Illinois
  Yep! Pretty sure that goes back to my comment about whiners. Why do you think it is anyone's job to be the person you want them to be?
Deciding to play a "smarter" safer shot to stay out of the trouble...only to hit it into the trouble anyhow. Like teeing up a 3 wood instead of the driver so that you can hit it more accurately...only difference was, now, I'm in the trees and my drop is 40 yard further away from the pin!
The ultimate man-up...never get instruction or lessons or educate oneself about the golf swing and then assume you can play well if you just try harder!
Wouldn't it be great to have a little blast from the past. Tiger and Phil walking up the 18th fairway on Sunday afternoon tied for the lead...probably just wishful thinking. Wait a minute. Could we throw Fred Couples in there too?
  Many Christians believe in expressing thanks for every good thing they experience in life - food, health, graduating, getting married, promoted on the job, etc... Some even are thankful in difficult situations, painful times, that they are not going through them alone. They believe that God is a personal being who is connected with each and every one of those who rely on him in the good times and the bad. The expression of gratitude is meant to be an expression of...
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