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I broke two shafts in my life.   The first happened when I was attempting to hit a driver off the deck - hit the dirt firmly behind the ball - swung through and ended up holding the grip and about 4 inches of shaft.   The second was very different. Teed the ball up. Hit a good drive - or so I thought, but the flight was all wrong. Looked down and the head was dangling from a thread right where it was glued into the head.     Opposite ends.   Hitting the...
I would encourage you to focus an inch ahead of the ball on your iron shots...that usually cures the whole fat shot thing if you have a decent swing. Or, if that's too dramatic...just focus on the front of the golf ball (the edge closest to your target). 
Thanks for your responses.
Forgive me if this has been addressed elsewhere - I did a quick search and couldn't find it.   As I was watching the RBC Heritage I noticed a few players in their preshot routine doing that very outside-in swing that goes across their bodies.   What are they trying to promote or accomplish by doing this?
  Sure.   I just think that the game of golf has that unique ability to cause you to "doubt"   --   
  I remember when I first found this forum and posted my very first post about two different swings...one for driving the ball off the tee and iron shots on my very first post.  about tracman data reporting a slight upward swing in some golf magazine was my source. I think I  was ridiculed for "believing everything I read" in golf magazines. Now, a little more than a year later, here we are. 
Having a bunch of low back problems...I'm thinking of giving this a try.  The Stallings-Bubba Twist!
I wonder if Phelps has a sense that he has already peaked in his life. I don't know if that's true or not, but I wonder.   If so, he would be the guy with all the medals, trying to pursue happiness, but often finding it elusive.   Someone said that happiness is a byproduct of living a life that one believes is full of meaning and significant.  Seems true to me.    Wouldn't it be amazing if he just poured himself into the game and became a pro?!     He is...
I'm pretty sure I can find any colored ball easily in the fairway!
No problem - I missed your thread when I made my first comment - someone wisely moved my post over here for me.     At any rate, I'm glad Streelman  pulled it out for the win.  I am often intrigued by how a win seems to help the players play with more confidence in the next few tournaments.   As for the religion thing...I find it humorous that if a person celebrates their own "awesomeness" and how "amazing" they are because they are the "boss", that is culturally...
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