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Lame thread - I know.   I did it on a hi-tech simulator (only two of them in Michigan of this particular brand). The thing has the ability to track your shot and play it back to you from the reverse side.   Driver - 293 yards over the hotel - got a heck of bounce and roll at the end. PW to 12 feet Had a 12 foot putt, slightly uphill breaking to the right.   While it is an exact replica of the course, I'm guessing if I had the opportunity to be there for...
My bad. Once again the elusive nature of the S&T method escapes me. It is just too complicated for me to understand. Guess I'll just stick to the picture and listen to Gary McCord.
Do you mean on his right side - sticking out and up so he can get his hands high at the top of his swing?
10 Reasons to Like Watching Fred Couples Play Golf   1. He still drives the ball over 300 yards at 51 years of age. 2. He isn't Sean Foley. 3. He doesn't act like a child when the golf gods crap on him. 4. He is an enjoyable playing partner according to Tour players. 5. He respects the game. 6. He pushes through debilitating pain to compete. 7. He rocks those spikeless golf shoes. 8. He generously gives to charities. 9. He is capable of playing...
Short legs - long torso...some platform golf shoes should do the trick.   Or, better yet, one more win!
Finally, some clarity on this thread.   To be clear, is this Stack & Tilt?
Thanks for that explanation Everything!  
Most important for me: Challenging greens that roll true.   Next important: Staff that treat their patrons well - not acting like they are doing you a favor for taking your $$$.
Got to go to a golf simulator here in Michigan with a foot of snow on the ground.   Best I can do for now
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