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    The success of the Covert Driver remains a "secret" at this point.   Sir Nick said it well when he said something to this effect..."Having risen to the #1 position in golf  and considering the next 10 years, what would a golfer rather have - all the cash or 10 majors?"
 I understand. His way in dealing with uncomfortable questions just grates on me a bit. I would rather he just said, "I don't want to talk about that." and move on. Like the way he handled the question about his two-stroke penalty for claiming an embedded lie and taking the free drop.
Aha! Yes. I know that this is going to be the key for my new golf season. Of course, I just had a video done and was shown how I get quick with the hips and drop the club back behind myself which results in low, ghastly hook. 
  The shift to the left side...yes.   The stretch, the lag...got it. I have actually hit some balls at the range with the hip turn starting before the club reaches the top of my backswing, but found it to be too difficult to do with any consistency. 
Surely, this is an easy one for those of you who know...   Is it true that regardless of how the downswing is initiated, everything should start moving at the same time - turning around the steady head?   It seems that people say the turn of the hips starts the downswing, but even then, since everything is connected, when the hips turn, the torso and arms turn with it.
Pretty sure it was 104-107 on the trackman when I was fitted for my new driver toward the end of the summer.   I'm 48 and am sure I used to swing a lot faster when I was 28.    Of course, I used to do a lot of things faster when I was 28. 
  Looking for affirmation in all the wrong places...are you sure you are patrick57 come back to haunt us?
Indeed.    Of course, Tiger's lies affected him, his wife, his children, probably gave great amount of pain to relatives on both sides...typical fallout made worse by being the focus of media attention for a couple of years.   Lance Armstrong lied and then tore people up whenever they told the truth about him. He annihilated friends, fellow cyclists on his team, and then contacted at least a couple of them on the phone in preparation for the Oprah interview and...
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKVyPtoCvvo   Can't find the slo-motion view
Saw a slow motion of Tiger's shot this morning - pretty sure it was on the golf channel's morning show.   It looked like he hit the ground more than 6 " behind the ball. Gonna look for it on youtube    When asked about this shot Tiger said that he blamed it on the fact that he changed his "game plan". He had previously planned on hitting a 5 iron there, then changed his mind, then questioned his decision and then hit driver even though, and I quote, "I didn't want to hit...
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