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I was thinking about forged (and butter for some reason) but now think my new set will be cast, it just sounds easier in every way I play off a 14 anyway so I couldn't tell any difference anyway
Just read this entire thread While confused, I was certainly entertained
Are both of these positions "good" wasn't sure if the implication was that the one on the right was better or depending on flexibility both are ok?
Aww C'mon we want easy fixes - work hard for years  =  haha - all good stuff here - i need this thread it is all helping me and I rarely slice now (like the judge on caddy shack!)
Can I ask what the 5SK vid is or a link??TIA
I have gone no glove as well. Took it off to putt, for better feel, then started taking it off for the same reason to chip, then to pitch, then went full monty. No regrets,  use a softer tackier type grip, simple green it once in a while and it feels great. ..and yest I know my weather is ideal, but I have sweated a couple of times
MVMAC I read your stuff twice and practiced all the drills you shared
Career round today 76!!! only broken 80 w 79 twice in my life. Put two things I learned HERE into play today. Set up as usual then really pushed my hips toward target kept left arm connected (somebody said squeeze a cigar?) Just a great day!! felt like I wasnt swing so hard, great for chips, great the one time I was in the trap and some sweet putting didn't hurt. I had never hit the ball so high, but it was crisp and stayed on line very well. ONCE AGAIN THANKS!!! to...
Thank YOU - is all I really gotta say - I know this is a bit dated but saw it yesterday and gave the drill a shot at the range and got some great resultsI am a self taught golfer and when I really started getting into it I discovered S&T and got pretty good with it but never really got the driver under control.Then I watched every Paul Wilson got pretty good with it but lacked real power. Went wandering and am now here.Pretty much ready to get real lessons soon - but want...
Which phone do you use?
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