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Rory made the Wozzilroy sandwedge, I think that's pretty badass!    
You right but some guys are really missing Tiger..    
Great win for Rock, really happy for him! It's very good as well to see Tiger, even if a bit rusty, competing again!   About Kaymer and Donald, I really think they were still on holidays! :D   p.s. Bravo Matteo! :)
Not sure about the whole "if... than Tiger is back" stuff but I sure think this will be a great tournament to watch!
Wow, do you answer in this kind way to each thread talking about sponsorships?    
Why? You don't like him?    
We will miss him in his fancy MyJoys! :)   http://www.todaysgolfer.co.uk/Golf/News/searchresults/January-2012/Poulter-agrees-PUMA-shoe-deal-----/?id=38898
Couples would be a nice captain but remember that Ryder is way different from the friendly President Cup... Don't think Hunter Mahan would have cried in the press room after fluffing a shot at the President Cup...   (imho)
Each time I see Overton's reaction at the Ryder I think about this celebration... nah I don't like drunken sorority kids, I prefer this!  
I think some people cannot stand Luke being the #1 ranked golfer in the world, that's why I keep on seeing people finding excuses to minimize what he just did (imho)    
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