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And how do we know he did?Quote:  
You really have to question the PGA Tour when they give a 3 month ban to someone for a minor case that was dropped about him and some friends being in possession of weed yet the numerous cases of DUIs (which really endanger other lives and give out an even worse name for the Tour) have no bans associated with them (that I'm aware of).
From the Golf Channel:   “I don’t do drugs. It was a crappy deal, man,” Every said. “Wrong place, wrong time, perfect storm. And you know, I got three months out of it. It’s over with. I’m not mad at the tour. They did what they had to do. I totally understand it. But it’s over with.”   Every said he is not a “party animal.”   “I still hang out with the same people,” he said. “I have great friends, man. If one of my friends likes to smoke marijuana every now...
And this isn't even the case. He and 2 other friends got arrested for possession and all the charges were later dropped. He has always denied that he was personally in possession of the drug.   And I agree with you, cigarettes and alcohol are worse for your health and others around you then what some weed will ever be, yet they will always be considered acceptable in society for some reason.    It was such a complete non-story, yet Tilghman decided to bring up...
Matt Every has gained a fan in me and I have lost any of the remaining respect I had for Kelly Tilghman.   I wonder the next time Tiger is leading will she bring up Thanksgiving 2009? Or if Vijay is leading will she bring up the cheating stories from the Asian Tour in the 80s? Dustin Johnson's DUI? Phil Mickelson rumours of his illegitimate child in Ohio? The list goes on.      
All I asked was how much practise did you do today and what are you currently working on? I'd enjoy reading updates on how you are attempting to reach your goal of playing on tour.     Edit: Didn't see your first reply. Apologies.     Snow on the ground doesn't stop Steve Stricker
So, how many hours were you practising today? And what were you working on?
Awkward interview with Matt Every there.....
He then bogeys the next 2 holes
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